non-stick,dishwasher safe,stainless steel cookware

debbie1000March 9, 2008

Am I asking too much? I have decided to finally get a new set. I had Circulon since 1992, they became impossible to clean and I got a very inexpensive (but served the purpose)set a few years ago. I was surprised and I guess igorant that almost all of these are not dishwasher safe. I have been washing my non-stick pans in the dishwasher for 25+ years!

I "must" have nonstick and the stainless on the outside is "pretty" but the hard adonized (sp?) all say that they are not dishwasher safe. It appears that washing them in the dishwasher does not harm the inside but does harm the outside.

Any opinions on what you would recommend? Should I "ignore" the wash by hand instructions? I know that on Calpahalon it says it voids the warranty but cookware isnt something I would care about the warranty anyway. I just want it to be sturdy, look nice and definitely be non-stick. Thanks!

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I have used scanpan cookware as my main nonstick pans for a while now. They have held up pretty well with a mix of some hand washing and some dishwasher use.

A dishwasher may not be ideal for the pan, but it's more cosmetic than anything in my opinion.

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Why do you need non-stick? I have some tri-ply stainless cookware that does not stick. I can put it in the dishwasher and not worry. Good cookware doesn't stick if you use it properly. But it is nice to have a non-stick skillet for scrambled eggs.

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kris, which brand of triply stainless do you have.

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We bought ScanPan about 10 years ago & it's now all pitted in most pots. I don't like seeing or worrying about what's now exposed, so we've replaced them. I used wooden spoons & silicone scrapers, so it's not abuse, although ScanPan advertised that metal utensils can be used. The fry pans have lost their nonstick property.

Since we now have induction & gas burners, we want cookware that works on both. All-Clad works great, but I don't like the handle on pots & skillets. Recently we purchased several stainless Classic-clad pots & saute pans by Henckels, & like them a lot, plus they're a lot less expensive than All-Clad.

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I have the Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless and love it. My brother was here several months ago and I made oatmeal for him. He said, "It didn't even stick!" After I served the oatmeal, I put cold water in the pan while we ate and then it just rinsed clean.

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What is it about dishwasher-cleaning that makes it bad for nonstick cookware? It doesn't appear to make any sense that its the heat of either the hot water or the drying cycle. In my mind, that leaves only the detergent. Does anyone know for sure if that is the case?

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I googled "dishwasher nonstick pans" and found a lot of entries. Try the search for more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: some answers

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