Can anyone identify this item?

wilcinbro1March 3, 2014

This was found when we moved in. It can detach from it's base with a twist. It has the food grade symbol of the glass and fork. Thanks!

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What does the bottom look like?

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here it is with the bottom off....the side you see gets put up against the long piece with the squares lining up to the notches to insert it into and then a simple twist to keep it together....

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I just wondered if the other side of the round piece attached to something and it was some type of whisk. It might not all be there. I have seen a whisk that was somewhat like that. It might have been mechanical.
You could post this on Chowhound cookware forum.

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My guess:
Might be one piece of some multi items kitchen gadget set sold on TV infomercials
a couple of decades ago. Think one of the items was like a vertical Mandolin with a pusher/holder like that for cutting melon or potato wedges perhaps. Maybe that piece also used by itself as a holder and rotator for decorating fruit and veggies or something.

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