Dating my Iron skillet

BBMaurerMarch 24, 2014

I was given an iron skillet from my mom, which has been passed down through my family....It is heave has two spouts, it has a lot of age pitting on it, black...yet i keep it treated. On the bottom it has N at the top then below am L and an either I or 1 not sure....but no other markings. My family is from Carroll county VA....just trying to find where it was maid and by whom as well as a year.

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If memory serves me, the Number refers to the size of the burner in wood burning stoves that it would fit with. You used that certain numbered skillet or pot with the corresponding burner. The letters are pattern molds of the skillet or pot. There may also be a smaller letter which represents the maker of the item. Foundry men had letters to show which man made what pot. Erie and Griswold are early cast iron makers. NancyLouise

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