Got a box from Utica NY!

granjanSeptember 15, 2005

Don't know who's from Utica, the return says Cantales, but who is that really? I'm going to open it but won't even try to post pix tonight. It takes me forever to do the posting.

My package went to the PO yesterday a.m, under the wire! Hope it arrives safely.

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It's from Debbie 814 and it's a wonderful box. But I'm half sick from eating too many chocolate peanut butter cookies!

I had to clean off the dining table that still had the mess from wrapping my swap box before I could open the box from Debbie and in the process discovered I left out one of the gifts for my swap partner. I had to change the box after I had it all packed because there was a weak corner. I was bummed. But now I'm filled with chocolate and don't care! Good thing tonight was weigh in for and I have a whole week to work it off. (And I was already up from Italy.) Debbie I can't be trusted with chocolate!

Pix tomorrow.

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Whew, glad the package arrived Jan. I imagine those chocolate peanut butter cookies may have been a bit melted as I mailed them on a very hot day! But that probably made them taste even better :-)

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Ooohh...can't wait to see what delicacies and goodies will arrive from Utica, NY! Tomatoe pie perhaps? LOL Or mayube some Utica Club? Debbie...I didn't realize you live there...I'm only a couple of hours from Utica...right around Albany. I'm such a nerd....I get so excited when someone from here is within a 2-3 hour driving distance from me! LOL

Seriously, can't wait to see the package!

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Oh my! Chocolate and peanut butter is one of my favorite combos. I can't wait to see this package too! Hurry Janet!

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Forgot I have to do interviews today. Sorry to leave you hanging but since I have a meeting tonight as well I'm not going to get to post till tomorrow. I wish I was better at posting but at least I now can. Last swap, my 1st, I couldn't show anything.

But I got great stuff, thanks so much Debbie.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Chocolate and peanut butter is a great start, can't wait to hear more...

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So finally, I hope are the contents of my box. So sorry that this picture thing is so hard for me. Here's the beautiful, exciting contents of my box.
As you can see Debbie included lots of literature about the Adirondics in her package. I've been to the Catskills,
Niagra Falls, Ithaca and Cooperstown, as well as living in NYC, but there's even more of NY state to see! Looks lovely.
So i started unwrapping. Hard to choose which one first. By luck I discovered was tempted by the blue & yellow box with the pretty yellow ribbon. Inside were the most incredible, little round chocolate drops. A crunchy eant butter cookie enrobed with dark chocolate. I COULD NOT stop eating these! Better than Reesce's because they are not as sweet and the chocolate is dark. These are sinful made in and made in San Lorenzo CA but I have never seen them.

My nose next lead me to a package with 2 small packets of VERY aromatic spices mixes. A Mulling mixture and Bob's Voodoo Rub. Perfect for the cool weather.

Debbie has done her homework and knows that I collect cookie cutters. First there was a darling, old fashioned box with cute tin cutters.

And then a collection of these darling red plastic flower cutters. I have NEVER seen anything like them! They are almost molds rather than cutters and wonderfully detailed. I can't wait to try them out. And what a wonderful find for my collection. Thank you so much.

Next was a recipe and the fixin's for a local specialty, Chicken Riggies. This sounds really good. I have always loved crunchy cherry peppers. Hope this brand is not TOO hot for me! The recipie sounds delicious AND easy.

Will make this for Sun. night. The closeup pix is missing of the blue folder in the first pix. It is a lovely collection of Greek recipes from the Greek grandmother,Yiayia, of her friend. Good recipes with adorable drwings on each page. But even better is a really beautiful cookbook, for my other collection, The Arrows Cookbook from the restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine. Really great recipes and gardening tips. Thank you for this beautiful book.

And then there were 3 adorable jars of Maine sea salt, Wild blueberry jam, and Cranberry relish. AND this sweet little olive wood spoon. I'm assuming it's olive wood because it's from Spain and looks just like the large olivewood spoons I bought there several years ago! I put it to good use at my cookbook club meeting last night. I took Italian cheeses to taste with the incredible white truffle honey I got in Florence. also took the Maines seasalt which was wonderful with the cheese, honey, fresh figs and 30 year old balsamic I brought back. Wonderful combinations.

And last we do have a small tragedy. Debbie sent me 2 really beautiful bowls. But one arrived broken. I'm so sorry. They were an incredible set. But the one with the graceful lid is intact and will go so perfectly with my blue and yellow dishes.

This was a wonderful collection of things. Debbie did her homework and really got me things that I will enjoy for a long time. Thank you so much. i love this swapping.

I'm sorry the pix are SO BIG. Tried using the TinyPic site and it ws easier once i got the hang of it but I don't know how to make them smaller! And this took 2 hours and i have to get something done today!

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Janet, what a great package from Debbie!! I love the dishes, at least one is still intact and those little red cookie cutters are very unique indeed.

I'd have gone straight for the chocolate too.


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Oh Janet, I don't mind the big pictures - just wish I had a bigger computer screen - LOL! Thanks for making the effort - I love those dishes - it's unfortunate about the one - is it gluable to use for display? It doesn't look to be completely smashed...

Debbie, you put together a wonderful package - so thoughtful and wonderful items. Those chicken riggies were so good, I"ve got to make them again...


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Wow! Great package! I love the dishes, even the broken one! Maybe it can be glued. The cookbook looks like it will have those beautiful pictures that make you want to visit! Enjoy your box Janet.

Debbie, Beautful package you put together! You thoroughly did your homework. Great job!

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Janet, I've been waiting for this one. Debbie is such a nice person and really know how to send some great things. I love that Voodoo Rub!! It's a shame the bowl got broken, they are so cool. Really nice package Debbie!!

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Jan, here is a picture of the bowl that broke. I packed it securely, and I did insure it so let me see if the post office will make good. Glad you enjoyed your package, and it's interesting to know that you've been to some of my favorite places in New York.

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Debbie, You really put together a super swap box. Too bad that beautiful little bowl broke. HOpefully the insurance will cover it. I think the recipe collection from your friend's grandmother is a very special gift. The Arrows Cookbook looks interesting too. Enjoy it all Janet.


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Janet, Those are such wonderful gifts. Sorry about the bowl. I sometimes post pictures too big too, takes a while to get the hang of it.
Debbie, Just lovely gifts. You did a terrific job!


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And Yet ANOTHER great package from New York! I think we girls RULE!! Great job, Debbie! Enjoy, Janet!


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Wonderful package, Debbie! Watch out for those Cora Peppers, Jan! They're tasty, but potent.

Lovely pottery - it's amazing to me that we don't have more accidents with the glassware, pottery, china, etc. that's shipped around in our swaps.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

What an amazing package! I love the pottery, so pretty. Love the colors! Great going, Debbie! Enjoy it all, Janet!


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"Bob's Voodoo Rub"

What a great package...this name is intriguing. Sounds like something I'd like. ;-)


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Janet, I went to the post office this morning, and they said that if you can bring the box and packing material along with the receipt that I will mail you, that they will reimburse you or me for the broken item since it was insured. Of course, they want to make sure it was packed properly which I feel it was.

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i've still got the box, most of the packing material, and the broken bowl, so send the reciept and let's see what we can do. Although it's not smashed, because it's pottery there really are too many little slivers to glue it together for display.

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Janet, the receipt is on it's way. Let me know how you make out, and if you want another bowl or just keep the $$.

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Those bowls are so pretty and unique! I hope you can get the other one replaced.

Debbie, what a nice assortment you picked out, I just can't pick out one or two things that I really like, I like it all.

Have fun, Janet. I can just see a beautiful plate of cookies made with those molds.

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Love the bowls. Hate that one broke. As the recipient of a broken glass in my swap box, I know how sad you feel. It's a bummer. Hopefully the USPS will make good.

I think all of those things are wonderful. And BIG! How did they all fit in a box?!?


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Great selection--that bowl is beautiful--hopefully can be replaced. Do make those Riggies-you'll love them.

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Janet, the potter has been out of town doing shows and he FINALLY sent me the receipt! I have it all ready to go, but I am in need of your mailing address. I must have filed it away in a very secure place, as I can't find it :-)

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The little molds would make great butter molds..What a nice package:)

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