Griddle Selection Help for Wolf 36" Cooktop

jamrockNovember 17, 2012

Hi all.

I have a Wolf 36" cooktop (the 5-burner 36G/S).

I just got a limited-space drawer installed immediately under my cooktop (useable space in drawer is 12.5"D - front to back - Ugh! I thought it would be about 14"D - height is fine at about 3 or 4" and width is fine at about 32"). The important measurement here, I think, is the useable space in the drawer - front to back, which is 12.5". Still a good place for heavy iron pans!

I need a griddle to put over 2 burners (front to back on my Wolf - I know the BTU's are different on the burners, but I will adjust the flame accordingly).

If you have a griddle/grill combo you love, please do not be silent - I would love to hear all input about this - I am still undecided.

I have an almost 4 year old so I have been thinking griddle because I am tired of doing lonely pancakes one at a time in my cast iron skillet and that won't work when he gets older and friends sleep over!

Does anyone have a griddle they use on their 36" cooktop and love? (Great if you have the same cooktop, but I still want to hear from others with similar cooktops).

I have seen some positive talk here about the Chef King 12x20 and 14x23 griddles, so I have been looking at those but please feel free to educate me on other griddles you love and why.

Does anyone have any of these griddles and can tell me about your love (or hate) for them?

Also if you have a 12x20 or a 14x23 Chef King can you please measure it for me - the short side - at the top where it flares out a bit? I would love to know if they will fit in my drawer without a problem. I emailed the manufacturer and they said the "12x20 is less than 12 inches after it has been stamped out", so it sounds like the smaller one will fit but there is nothing like one of us with a measuring tape! Also, will the bigger one fit too?

For you griddle experts, besides the important size of my drawer, should I be considering one size griddle over the other based on other factors that I am unaware of?

Obviously I want to store this heavy monster in that drawer only 2" away, but I still want to decide wisely.

Thanks in advance!

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This is an aluminum griddle. Being aluminum it is lightweight and conducts heat much better so is more even heating than cast iron. It is 12.75 inches wide but may fit tilted or would be easy to store somewhere else. You might find something vintage on eBay that is smaller. Most new aluminum griddles are nonstick, except this one. Also look at antique malls and thrift stores for aluminum griddles.

Here is a link that might be useful: aluminum griddle

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We've been very happy with the A-C Grande Griddle that we got a year or two ago (it came with a breakfast cookbook, and an A-C ladle). I use it on our 36" Wolf AG range.

This time of year, there are great sales/promos for the holidays, so you can usually get one at a deeply discounted price.

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buy the Chef King 14x23" carbon steel griddle.
none of the rest compare.

The actual dimensions are 13 5/8ths X 22 5/8ths.
I guess the 14x23 comes from when it was flat prior to bending it up 1/2".
If you are anything like me the griddle will stay on the stove top 99% of the time anyway, I use it every single day.

Non stick sucks in every way you can think of.
Buy carbon steel, season it and it only gets better with age and is every bit as non stick as ANY non stick made, difference is that it gets better with age and last a lifetime instead of worse every year and toast in 5 years.

Here is a picture of a 12x20 cast iron Lodge which is really made to fit on a Coleman Campstove.
The other is the 14x23" Chef King.

There is no comparison between the 2.

This pic was 2 days after I bought the Chef King, it is now 100% smooth black and only getting better after every use.

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I can cook about 8 good sized pancakes at once that all come out perfect.

Or I fry up 6-8 strips of bacon, get rid of some of the grease then throw on a pile of hash browns & 6 eggs and its actually breakFAST instead of breakslow like it used to be before I got this griddle.
If I had to choose just ONE pan and had to throw the rest away I would choose this griddle without hesitation.

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Wekick, cat_mom and nunyabiz1, I thank you all for your response.

Nunyabiz1, what a review on the Chef King! Most people, if not everyone, who have them seem to rave about them...

My cooktop (the Wolf CT36G/S) have all the burners touching so I do not have any space between my 2 sets of front to back burners like you do (see link below). The dimensions of my front to back burners which I will use are 11-3/4 x 18-5/8, so the 13-5/8 x 22-5/8 would overhang quite a bit in all directions (preventing the use of the adjoining burners) and also not fit in my drawer (which is a good plus). The 14x23 also weighs 7 lbs more than the 12x20... 17 lbs versus 10 lbs and I do not think I will use it every day and keep it on my stove all the time.

So far the Chef King is ahead in this race so unless someone can educate me on something better (Nunyabiz1 says no such thing!), it is now just about which size...

Anyone have the 12x20 Chef King and can comment on it's size and/or show me a photo of it sitting on a stove or preferably a cooktop where the burners are adjoined?

(My little boy asked for pancakes again this morning because, said he, "it's the weekend" - I said no because I knew one-by-one they would take forever and I made them yesterday, Saturday. He knows they take too much time on days when he goes to school. As Nunyabiz1 said, we need BreakFAST, not BreakSLOW so maybe we can even work some in occasionally on school days if I don't have to wait forever to cook them - I know I will need to plan ahead for the pre-heating, etc.).

Thank so very much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of Wolf CT36G/S Gas Cooktop

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Ahhh I missed the "Cooktop" thing, dang shame you cant use the 14x23.
The only problem I see with the 12x20 is that it is thinner, it is only 10 gauge so just barely over 1/8th inch rather than the 7 gauge which is a bit over 3/16ths thick.

So not sure if it will heat as well being thinner, but might work every bit as well, dunno.

Sure there is no way you can manage the 14x23" even sideways on the back two burners? Can you even use 2 large pots/pans at the same time on one side?

You could always go whole hog and get the 23X23" and just cover all 4 burners and just turn your cooktop into a flat top griddle and you still would have that one burner in the top right to use.
If you have a pot hanger you can just hang the 23x23" griddle from the ceiling with the other pots.

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I like carbon steel pans and use them for certain applications. I would like a griddle like the Chef King 23x23 because that would fit my burners the best and I like the shape, but I wish they made it in aluminum.

I would not buy nonstick either unless you want to replace it every few years.

Aluminum can be seasoned too.
Seasoning Aluminum

Aluminum and steel have different properties.
The transfer of heat in aluminum being much better, will give you less hot spots to worry about and the griddle will be much more responsive if you need to turn the heat up or down. The steel has poorer heat transfer(not necessarily a bad thing) that will let the heat build up more and get hotter if you want to use it to sear. The steel will take longer to preheat and even out, but also hold heat longer.

Materials of Cookware

The weight, if you store it just below the burners wouldn't be as much of an issue for you as it would for me.

I did find this but not sure how heavy the aluminum is. It comes in some different sizes, so I am tempted to try one, although it wouldn't be as big as the 23x23.

There was a recent post on another forum where someone wanted to get a copper griddle, which is a step up in heat conductivity from aluminum but would be $$$$$$$

Good luck with your decision!

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Thanks again Nunyabiz1 and wekick. I really appreciate both of you and everyone else taking the time out to help me.

The 14x23 and the 23x23 Chef King both look great, but I think the 12x20 will have to serve my purposes since that is the one my cooktop and storage can easily accommodate.

Hopefully it will be serve me as well as Nunyabiz1's 14x23 and I will love it as much.

Hey, it's a step in the right direction from my one lonely pancake at a time BreakSLOW! :-)

Thanks again all!

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would the Chef King carbon steel griddle be compatible with an induction cooktop? I have the Wolf 36", 5 element cooktop

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Lorenza5064, you may be in luck.

See link below from the manufacturer's website. If you click on the griddle you are interested in, the information is in the details.

The 12x20 and the 14x23 both say that they work on induction ranges, but please read it for yourself as I do not want to misguide you.

The manufacturer is Rocky Mountain Cookware, website

You can look around on the webiste under different categories - I liked home and outdoor products. There is a 23x23 one as well. :-)

The griddles are priced cheaper from

Here is a link that might be useful: Chef King Carbon Steel Griddles

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