how do I figure out which IP address?

ilmbgNovember 8, 2012

I am in charge of running our security camera/download video if there is an incident (theft/vandalism) in our complex. I have to go through HOURS of searching to get data from various cameras. The office is not very comforable for me, so I would like to at least do the searching from home. I know I can watch at home from my computer if I enter in the IP addresses (or something), but I don't know which numbers/what to do to watch from home. I called the company who our equipment is with and they said they don't know, and to call the server. I called the server (Time Warner), and they said they didn't know. I seem to get the 'I don't know-call the other guy' from everyone.


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If you can find the recorded video files, maybe try right clicking the filename.mp4 ? and select properties. You might be able to copy and paste the file address.. Then use the folder address to see whats in the folder(s)

Its possible it uploads to an ftp account ? So you might find it easier to access the folder and see file dates and times with an ftp program like FileZilla . If that is how your system works.. So many different ways they can save files, .. so im just guessing,,, its hard to be specific.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

is there someone there that can just tell you by phone or email the current IP address there?

One easy way to get your IP address that is easy for most people to remember is go to

or they can get it by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet, and then clicking Network and Sharing Center.

Under Connection, click View status.
Click Details.
Your computer's IP address appears in the Value column, next to "IPV4 IP Address."

Here is a link that might be useful: IP chicken

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Is your PC on the same network (LAN) that the office PC is? If not, I'd drop the idea of reaching across the internet to access the office PC. Too difficult for a non-expert and too many security issues, also, most internet connections are too slow to upload video.

The quickest and easiest approach might be to copy the video files from the office PC onto an external drive, which you could then carry home and connect to your PC.

Raven, tell me more about what you have in mind in suggesting a novice user can use an external IP address to access a PC across the internet.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I never suggested any such thing the question was asked about finding the IP address of a computer that is the question I answered how to find an IP address!!! NOTHING MORE

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As I think about it, I believe some security programs are set up to facilitate a type of "remote access" by uploading or by rerouting inquiries using a third party site.

OP, sorry for the misdirection, maybe that's what is being used? The above info can help you find the office's external (to the internet) IP address. You may need (or already have) a website address, and a user name and password.

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I guess I didn't make myself clear- sorry.
I can do all the work at the office- which is about 500 feet away from my condo.
I can use/get into the office computer fine.
I don't know which IP/or whatever you need to use, so that I can get online with my netbook at home 500 feet away.
I want to watch video from my home without downloading everything to a dvd/disc at the office and then bringing it home to watch. There is a way to watch live/saved video on the computer that is at my house even though the 'film' is on the computer at the office.
Hope I made myself more clear.

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I should have added that I can look at the IP addresses- and whatever ......but I don't know which things/numbers I need to know, in order to put that info into my computer. In other words, I have everything but I don't know what to do with it!

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I have several network camera's.. all come with a remote configuration/live-system viewer program. All are very configurable to upload saved video to a local computer or a www computer.

To access them remotely the computer they are on has to be running some kind of server that is configured to be open to the www. For the server to actually be open to the web,, its router has to be set up to allow it to talk to the www.

Do you have a remote control system software program installed on your home computer ? Can anybody anywhere view the live video ?

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