Simplex Copper Kettle Glasstop Range

Ren920March 11, 2014

Hi all: I just received a Simplex Copper Kettle for Valentines Day! I know, right?? So lucky! However, I'm finding that it takes forever to boil. I thought copper would be faster to boil. I'm talking 20 mins for 2 qts to boil. I know this is not right. Anyone else had this problem? I have tried using a burner that exactly fits the kettle bottom and one that is larger than the kettle bottom, I've also tried using a wire grid under the kettle, thinking maybe there needs to be some airflow. Nothing seems to help. I want to love my kettle! Any ideas??
Thanks in advance.

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How long does one quart take?

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What a beautiful kettle! I found this site with what looks like the same or a similar product and it says it is suitable for gas only. I can't imagine why it would only be suitable for gas but maybe you can write to the company and ask.

I would love that kettle even if I only used it for show. :-)

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The one with the elevated bottom and holes is made for gas flames . The one with the flat bottom is supposed to be okay for both gas and electric burners.

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