ameriware cooking pots non-stick coating similar to tefal

healthymamaMarch 2, 2008


It is NOT as healthy as they advertise.

I just bought an Ameriware set from Costco for CND$479 as we were in the market for healthier cookware. I hadn't heard of Ameriware so I thought I'd buy it (it was their last day at Costco), do the research then open the boxes. I am so glad I did. Their pans contain well known carcinogenic chemicals... I found this information at Prevent

I'm taking the set I purchased back tomorrow. It's sad that Ameriware puts their profits before their customers' health.

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Your emotional reaction to your fear of carcinogens is not in line with the facts. Prevent does not present you will all of the facts.

Ameriware cookware has earned the NSF seal of approval. This cookware (which is made by Vollrath) has been tested and meets an internationally recognized independent testing agency's criteria for consumer safety. There are no carcinogens in this product and no carcinogens are produced when this product is used as directed.

Below is a link which explains the NSF certification process. As you will see, they have used Ameriware cookware as an example. As explained in the link, it is much cheaper to buy this cookware from a restaurant supply store than it is to buy it from Costco....same cookware but at a much better price.


Here is a link that might be useful: NSF Certification

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