WANTED: All the way from Michigan...

TobyTAugust 3, 2006

I am finally home and have just opened a bounty of Michigan goodies from Nancy. My DH really had me going. He told me over the phone that the package had been opened by customs (which it hadnÂt been) and that he didnÂt know what had been in it originally, but that all that was left was four cans of CampbellÂs Minestrone soup! I was bewildered for a moment, but then as I told him, "there is not one person in this swap who would send cans of Campbell Soup as a swap gift!"

Here is the before we tore it open. Inside was a Nancy says that the picture on the front of the box is a folk art painting of the area she lives in. The girls had to run and get the globe so that they could see where Michigan is. It was at this point that my camera stopped taking pictures, so I will have to wait until tomorrow as the golden rule about always having the spare set of batteries recharged was broken by "not me."

Inside the box were numerous goodies all hand picked by Nancy for me. There is Cherry Berry Spoon Fruit which I have promised the girls weÂll have with toast for a bedtime snack. Next, a jar of Cherry Peach Salsa. This weÂll open for happy hour tomorrow night. I will have to gets some chips worthy of it. Next up one pound, yes a POUND of dried Red Tart Cherries. I see some chocolate cherry bread in our near future. I was blown away at the size of the package  it is worth about a weekÂs salary here! Snuggled up next to the cherries are dried blueberries, which until tonight, I had never tried. I may just have to try drying some of my own  what a great snack food. Moving right along we have Cherry Mustard. I think IÂll try this on my roast chicken sandwich tomorrow  it sounds heavenly. Beside that it the box is some Cherry BBQ grilling sauce  maybe I should call in sick tomorrow and just spend the day eating. A jar of Mediterranean relish contains artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, eggplant and herbs. This I will hide away until our holiday in a week, so I can enjoy it in the great outdoors. The last jar contains seafood sauce which Nancy says to mix with mayo and sour cream for a great tartar sauce. ItÂs salmon season here, so this will be well used. Last but not least were a beautiful cherry wood set; a spoon and a spreader, the smoothest, most gorgeous wood I have ever seen. Nancy included a letter telling me about herself and Kim. She mentioned that her parents had bought the house that she lives in now in 1962  my parents bought the house that I live in now in 1962 as well! I will enjoying reading the brochure on NancyÂs area  it appears to be a very artistic community, and I just know that Nancy fits right in. Thank you so much for such a great array of flavours and the time that you took to choose them for me. I will post pics of the inside of the package tomorrow after work.


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Jane, I'm so glad to hear everything made it there in one piece. It was fun picking out things for you. As you might guess, cherries are a big thing here and I just couldn't resist. I really tried to pick things that might not be available where you live. That Cherry Peach Salsa is the #1 item in sales at the store and I really like it myself.
You are right about this being a very artsy area, this weekend is an art fair in the park very near my home and next weekend is the annual Charlevoix Waterfront Fine Art Fair right across the street from American Spoon...that's what really messed up my being able to go to Canny Camp. The whole town goes crazy!

Hope you and the family all enjoy the goodies.


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Jane, those dried cherries are wonderful in scones, although I like to eat them by the handful.

I'd love to see that wooden set, so I'll check back for pictures.

Everything I've ever gotten at Spoon Foods has been top notch stuff, so I'm sure everything is delicious. That cherry BBQ sauce sounds particularly intriguing.

Enjoy it all.


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What a cherry delight! I want to sample everything right alongside you, it all sounds so yummy! I'm so excited that we get a field trip to American Spoon Foods at Canny Camp. Let us know asap which are your favorites. Annie sent me some dried Michigan cherries last fall and we ate everyone of them just dry they were so good. But chocolate cherry bread sounds great too! Good job Nancy!

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Just a quick note to those going to Canny Camp who might want some stuff from American Spoon...they will ship it home for you at a pretty reasonable rate...beats the heck out of lugging it around....it's heavy! They base the shipping on total $$ of the order...$7.95 for the first $30.00 worth and only $1.00 for every $15.00 over that. Anywhere in the US.


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I love the Campbell Soup story!!

Cherrie Berry Spoon Fruit sounds great. Would have loved to taste the dry tart cherry. Let me knoe what you'll do with blueberries. I get a little worried with dried berries. Need help here! Yes! Yes! Yes! I MUST hear more about the Cherry Mustard as I am the self-appointed Mustard Queen (I want to be the master of my mustard domain...I have a whole door in my one of my650s for just their special spots! I do have a tendency to rotate out the ones that seem to be on the "failing" side of acceptance.) The BBQ looks great, too. What a wonderful assortmet. Lucky, lucky you! Enjoy and share back!!

Nancy, really super choices here! I'd like guidance on how to do that for me? Great swap!

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Ha, ha, great story about the canned soup...hubby got you good - I like his sense of humor.

Love that folk art on the gift box and a whole pound of dried cherries! Woo hoo! I love dried fruit, but I haven't tried dried cherries yet. Wonderful selections, Nancy!

Glad the package made it through customs, Jane. What's the trick, say it is a gift? Enjoy!


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Oh wow! Nancy you did a great job picking things out for Jane.

Jane, enjoy your bounty of cherries! Great box!

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I adore American Spoon Fruit! Nancy, great job! That cherry peach salsa is to die for. That is a very, very special package, toby. American Spoon Fruit is a big, big deal around here.

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Nancy, great box! And a naturally occurring theme: Life is just a bowl of Cherries!

Well cherries might be my favorite fruit! Besides baking, I adore dried cherries in salads and love them with roasted carrots and pine nuts.

I smiled at the Campbell soup line too! Great sense of humor!

American Spoon is fabulous! Can't wait to see photos of the lovely cherry wood items.

Enjoy the goodies, Jane

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Well, I am so glad that you got a super terrific package after the incredibly thoughtful one you sent to me. I just adore the painting on the box. To me it looks like New England, but I guess not.

I never heard of American Spoon Fruit, but will have to look them up.

Have a "cherry" good time with your swap box.

Your husband is evil -- but funny. By the way, are your girls identical twins, or fraternal?


PS -- didn't I tell you that Jane writes beautifully?

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Pam - my girls are fraternal; one's a redhead, the other's dirty blonde and there is about 3" and 15 lbs difference between them. Pardon me - make that sandy blonde, she finds the term dirty blonde highly offensive!

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Wow! The box is beautiful but the contents are incredible. Sour cherrries are my favorite and look at all the selections. Good thing it's not my box, I'd get way too fat!

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Granjan: I guess no one told you. The contents of all swap boxes are entirely devoid of calories.

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Hahahahaha! Campbell's soup! hahahahahahaha! Your guy is a hoot!

In the meantime, I am seriously drooling over all those cherry things! Sour cherries are my favorite, and you really got some fun cherry flavors to savor!

Nancy, some day I will have to visit your area, art festivals are right up my alley!


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Wow, I haven't seen so much cherry goodness since I got a swap box from Bubbe! Fantastic! It's definitely one of my top 3 favorite fruits!

And I, too, loved the Cambell's soup line... ha ha!

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I got a laugh at the Cambell soup story too but I really howled over this line maybe I should call in sick tomorrow and just spend the day eating. Too funny and I can completely understand the urge with all the cherry fabulousness you received!

I'll have to look them up. The box is a work of art so the food must be amazing. I can't wait to see the cherry spoons. Great job!

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What a great selection. That mustard sounds wonderful!! I loved the line about calling in sick as well, I had it copied ready to quote.


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Nice selection of items for your family to enjoy Jane -- a what could be more summery than cherries --

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Jane, you did receive a cheery, cherry package. I love it, cherries are a favorite of mine! I especially like your DH's Campbells soup story, that is a good one.

Nice package, Nancy!

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I'm dying of laughter. Good laughter - Nancy, here we all are, busting our buns shopping on ebay, perusing posts to glean hints about likes and dislikes, you know, the whole stress thing, and you have put together a perfectly balanced and awesome box right from your own work. I love it. I'm jealous!

Janet, RIP, had sent me some items from American Spoon in my first ever swap box. I still remember that sour cherry jam! I did some wallet damage when I was in that store last summer and I had to restrain myself! The box itself, with that painting, is incredible. Y'all are warned not to set foot in that store unless you want to be major overwhelmed (but you'll have a big grin on your face).

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Very nice gift box Nancy. I use to check out the American Spoon shops when we would visit the Petoskey and Harbor Springs area of Michigan when we lived in the Sault. They always had samples out to taste.

Jane, I'm sure you and your family will enjoy all the wonderful tastes in that box.


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I had never heard of this Company.I bet I would love to visit.

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What a haul!!!! Everything sounds wonderful, of course it just so happens cherries are one of my favourite fruits. Just a lovely package Nancy

Jane I love the "minestrone soup" comment, your husband must have a great sense of humour.

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What a cherry selection! So many intriguing tastes from one fruit. The spoon and spreader set seem like -- dare I say it? -- the cherry on the top of a lovely package!


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Funny! Campbell's soup! Ha!! Great cherry package, what fun it will be to try all the different cherry items.

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Way to go Nancy of the North.....all of those kids, no electric, cooking over a fire....etc. Yet you mananged to put together a excellent swap box that I'm sure will be enjoyed for a long time! ROFL @ the campbell's soup reference! Enjoy it all Jane!!


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Nancy, Your'e so lucky you work in a place with such great stuff. I love your selections. I just might have to place an order myself because everything looks so good.

Enjoy your package Jane. I hope you slapped your husband.


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Jane, great description of the goodies - I really want to see the cherry wood!

Nancy, everything sounds delicious - I'd love to try a little of each, please!


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All the goodies sound so yummy that I'm checking the company out right away!

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