Adobe Flash Player Installation Error

not2brightNovember 23, 2012


Most mornings when I boot-up the computer I get an installation error regarding Adobe Flash Player (see image). The problem is, I look for AFP on my computer but I can't find it. I don't know if I already have it and only need an upgrade or if I don't have it and something wants to install it. If the latter, why do I keep getting a message about it ? It's not like I manually downloaded it and tried to install it but failed. :-/

Also, I went to the Adobe site to check which version I have. Using IE9 it says I have version Using FF17 it says 11.3.300.265. ??? I thought the computer has AFP, not simply the browser. Why the two different versions ?

So, I'm not sure what to do. According to the browsers I have some version of AFP, but when I type "Adobe" or "Adobe Flash Player" in the start menu's search box (Windows 7 Pro) nothing comes up. I would uninstall + reinstall AFP if I could find it (assuming I actually have it). But if the computer doesn't have it, do I need to worry about the installation error all the time ?

Any suggestions welcome ! :-)

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Are you using the administrator account on this computer yes/no? If no, then log on using the administrator account. The latest version for Firefox and Internet Explorer is 11.5.502.110 Do the update for each browser...yes, it makes a difference. Get the update directly from the Adobe web site, NOT FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE.

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Please tell me how you got the screen shot onto this site. I have tried PRINT SCREEN and nothing happens on my X-P machine.

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Not N2B but................

What did you do after tapping the PRINT SCREEN button?
If you have nothing better then you could open Paint
click Start
click All programs
click Accessories
click Paint
click Paste on the left side of the Paint window and your screen shot appears.
click Select, just right of Paste
click Rectangle selection

Now go to where you want to crop out the garbage, I usually pick the top left corner, hold down the left mouse button and drag down and across to where you have encompassed your picture, release mouse button.
Right click in the selected area and click to crop.
Now you can save the image with any name you choose for uploading to Gardenweb or where ever else you might like it.

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Thanks for the responses !

mikie -- Thanks for the links ! I uninstalled, restarted and then installed both versions you linked to. (I also have Comodo Dragon [Chrome] on my computer but rarely use it. We'll see if I still get some sort of error that that browser needs an AFP update.) Btw, when installing for FF I had to close the browser. When installing for IE I was not told to close the browser. Not being an IE user, I don't know if that is a big deal or not. But everything went smoothly. Thanks, mikie !

azinoh -- There are two user accounts on this computer. Mine is not THE admin account, but it does have administrator authority when necessary. I did the update for each browser as you suggested and used mikie's links. :-)

esteban -- Although in most cases I do things the way owbist describes above, this time I used the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows 7. I saved the pic to my desktop and clicked "Browse" (next to "Image file to upload" above the composition area). Piece of cake. (Or pumpkin pie, if you prefer.) :-)

I have not rebooted since doing these installations, but as far as I can tell my situation is resolved. Thanks for the help! :-)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

the same non IE version is what you would use for the other browsers that are non IE.

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Thanks, ravencajun.

It turns out that my Comodo Dragon browser already comes with AFP and is updated automatically.

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