Need help picking ovens

Sun43November 2, 2013

We are in the middle of a new build, and have a spice kitchen in addition to the main kitchen (shares one wall separated by a pocket door)

We are sure about two items and now face too many choices with the rest.... need some help ASAP as if we do end up getting anything (more) from Miele, we want to be able to take advantage of their "free 10 year warranty" that ends in little less than 48 hours

We are sure about:
- Miele Speed Oven (master chef, 24")
- Miele Convection Steam oven (master chef, 24")
(at first we were gonna get the "simple" steam oven, but now will bite the bullet and up-price to the one with convection)

First question: Do we need "one more" larger-sized oven? -
DW thinks she needs something larger than 24" as she bakes cookies galore. We don't plan to cook too many large dishes otherwise (not in ovens... but then if we have an awesome large oven, we might!)
Choices are:
- Miele 30" oven (won't wanna pay to get Master Chef) = $3899
- Wolf 30" oven (for approx CA$1600 more!!) - $5500+

Question 2: Is the Wolf really "$1600" worth of better?
(all Canadian dollars to follow)

Lastly, we'd have to stack the microwave on top of this 30" oven, whichever brand. We find the Wolf microwave pretty ugly... and to be paying $800+ for that thing just for the brand? The Miele microwave is even more expensive, it's $1200! that's before the $499 trim (to match the 30" ovens)

Question 3:
What do people do, pay an outrageous amount to get a matching brand of microwave? any way we can do it smarter? we figure we can't really get out of having to buy the trim.... but there are LOTS of brands that make microwaves for $300 - $500. I mean, it's not a new technology!

Thanks for your advice!

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I would get a full size oven and skip the MW as you already have a speed oven.
Sharp makes the wolf MW per GW reports
Wolf ovens have been having porcelain issues but not sure how widespread.
I used the wolf oven with a GE advantium - and the trims are very similar, but the clocks are different colors. I can turn off the advantium display
With Miele offering a 10 year warranty- that would sway me!

Originally, I planned to keep my delonghi convection oven on my countertop but decided I would not use it very much, so I made room in my pantry and have power for the few times I use it.

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Thanks a2gemini

I just want to post a follow up on what we ended up getting.

We took advantage of the Miele free 10 year warranty, and ended up with:

Miele 24" Miele CombiSteam oven (YESSSSSS!!!!!!)
Miele 24" Miele Speed Oven
(stacked, both with Master Chef)

and on another wall (not facing same direction visually)
Miele 30" oven (no masterchef ... that's a price difference of CAD 5499 vs CAD 3899 .... we don't use the 30" enough to justify that)
and stacked with:
an extremely overpriced, nothing-special Miele MW with also an overpriced matching trim (as it's stacked with the 30")

also bought the Miele Futura Topaz dishwasher as we had to hit $15,000 total to avoid having to take possession of all the items before our kitchen is ready (manufacturer rule on the promo).

skipped Wolf. I just liked the looks of the Miele better than the Wolf (for wall ovens, AND the no-special-function microwaves ... both Wolf and Miele MW are overpriced but the Wolf is UGLY!!) - although we will still be getting a Wolf Range top , and a subzero fridge, later.

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Your kitchen sounds wonderful. I am facing almost exactly the same oven dilemma and I would love to hear your experience so far. I am excited to be renovating a home and have plenty of space available for a wonderful new kitchen. In my current home, I have a double oven and a microwave. The new kitchen will be fairly modern in style, and the kitchen designer is suggesting a double tower that would include a double oven in one tower and then next to it would be a steam/convection oven, microwave, and warming drawer in the other tower. He also suggested that I could consider replacing the microwave with a speed oven and using a microwave drawer in the island. I cook and bake a lot, but by the time the kitchen is built, we will be empty nesters and this seems a little like overkill (although I like to entertain and I do all of the holiday meals). I've never cooked in anything other than a traditional oven (not even convection). I am endlessly confused. Our budget is not unlimited, although I must confess that I'm willing to put a little more into my dream kitchen than in other areas of the house (husband doesn't know that yet). Given your research and experience, do I need all these ovens, even for entertaining?

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deleted double post

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We had the Miele microwave and liked it a lot. There is a learning curve with making popcorn. It takes about 4 mins to pop a bag of Orville Redenbacher on the 750 setting. It seems to work the best after many trys and burnt popcorn or under cooked bags, lol. A friend came over once and was shocked it took so long, as on hers and other microwaves it takes a minute and a half.

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To alermar: thanks - i'm VERY excited about our new kitchen esp the combi steam oven and the speed oven. Our house won't be finished until approx August 2014 so i don't yet have much feedback to give to you, except to say that everytime I try to make short ribs or salmon in my current temporary kitchen, i daydream about the day i can do them **properly** with the Miele ovens!

i thought about getting the Master Chef version of the 30" oven too - but at almost $6000 (in Canada) i couldn't swallow the additional cost, since I don't cook THAT much and i don't think i'll use that 30" oven more than once a month. (Contrary to the speed ovens, which I anticipate using at least a couple of times a week so i got the Master Chef versions for those). The Master Chef version of the 30" includes a temperature probe so it would really help a less experience cook like myself if i were to venture to make a big roast etc.

We're also considering putting in a warming drawer underneath the two speed ovens - since one of us always get home 2 hours after dinner is done and we constantly have to microwave food these days. Not sure if warming ovens help to not dry out the food or reduce nutrient damage from microwaving etc.

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