I need a Dishwasher Recommendation well water

synergiNovember 23, 2013

Hi all, been a long time since I've posted here. Anyway, I moved to the country about 2 years ago. The Kitchenaid K25 series worked well. IT was probably ten years old. Other than loud, everything came out clean.

Last year we bought a Maytag and its horrible. We've tried adding Phosphate back to the dishwasher soap. Add more soap, less soap, salt, to soften the water, vinegar etc. Cups come out with coffee and tea stains. Never happened in the old dishwasher. I can literally just lightly wipe them away with my finger.

The tops of bowsl, plates sometimes gets clean but you never feel like the dishes are as clean as they should be. Glasses are a complete lost cause, they are cloud and just never look as sparkling as they should.

My question is, did anyone else have the same trouble and found a dishwasher that worked for them? We were leaning towards a bosch but I'm open to any brand.

The dishwasher broke after 14 months and I asked my husband is there any point of even fixing it? It's never cleaned well anyway. So we are hunting for a new one. Any advice you guys have would be great.

My husband actually works at Whirlpool so this is even sadder. We get a nice discount but I don't feel its even worth it to risk it again. I had bosch at the old house and loved it.

I'm desperate. Any help at all you guys have would be appreciated.

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How hard is your water?

Do you have a whole house water softener?

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No water softener, but the my husband said its as hard as it gets. Whatever that means.. I only know the old one worked fine.. Seems the more energy efficient these washers get the worse they clean.

We may have to get a softener down the line. Its not an option today though. Maybe by next summer. :(

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It looks like a dishwasher with a built in softener might be an option.

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Dishwashers with built-in water softeners can handle up to ~ 12 gpg which is considered very hard. I have read people on well water can get readings up to 40 gpg, what some call chunky style. The cheapest dishwashers with built-in water softener are....

Bosch SGE63E15UC ADA compliant $899

KitchenAid Superba Series KUDS30SXSS $1079

Bosch 800 Plus Series SHE7PT55UC $1169

Miele Futura Crystal Series G5225SS $1299

ADA dishwashers are shorter than regular dishwashers for people in wheelchairs. That Bosch is also louder than the 800+ Series.

This KA is the only Whirlpool with built-in water softener. Whirlpool does not have the technical expertise that the Germans do when it comes to dishwasher softeners.

If it were me and a whole house water softener where out the question for now I would get the Miele and STTP. Miele is simply a better built dishwasher with a self adjusting water softener. Bosch is good with manually set water softener just not as good as the Miele. STTP basically replaces the phosphates that were eliminated from dishwasher detergent a few years ago. It does not remove the hard water molecules like a softener but it sequesters most of them allowing your detergent to do its job. Put the detergent and a tablespoon of STTP in detergent dispenser.

Here is a link that might be useful: STTP

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Thank you so much. I did check out the kitchen aid and it would be around 700 through his job. I have been reading mixed reviews on the Bosch. I will ask my husband if he knows how many grains I'd hard as it gets.

This gave me models to research. The Miele is pricey, but if it works, it would be worth it.

Anyone else on hard well water with experience on certain models, please do share.

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We have a diishwasher that we run on unsoftened well water with a hardness of 18gpg. and no iron. We had all the problems you describe until we started using the Finish Quantum Powerball capsules along with a rinse agent. Even the glasses lost all their cloudiness. The crystal comes out perfectly. If you don't have hard water, you shouldn't use the rinse agent as it will just gum up the works. The machine is a Gaggenau (just a rebadged Bosch) but we don't use it's softener.

As to the brand of machine, we also have a Miele and a Maytag in two other houses. The Bosch wins hands down for us on several fronts but partcularily for it's quietness.

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Thanks for the information. Think I will do a water test to see what the hardens is. If its as bad as my husband says, I may get the water softner and a cheaper dishwasher. We'll see..

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