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ann_tAugust 3, 2006

Stacy sent me the most amazing, wonderful gift. Actually everything that she sent me is special, but one thing in particular is so meaningful that it caused both Moe and I to tear up.

I don't know if everyone here knows it, but Stacy is a very talented artist and she painted . Stacy, I can't tell you how much this means to me. Stetson has been failing this last year and we don't know how much longer we will have him with us. You really captured my beautiful Stetson, right down to the look in his eye. We will treasure this forever.

Stacy broke things down into five categories. Stetson's painting, Serving Items, Baking/Regional, Food and Gadgets.

And I love the dishes. The colour is so pretty and matches the placemats perfectly.

You know that I love pottery and I donÂt have a Brie Baker. IÂll be putting that to good use the next time Matt is home. He loves Brie.

I canÂt believe you sent me four boxes of chestnuts. LOL! I love to cook with them but havenÂt done that in a long time because they just arenÂt easy to find here. I have enough to last me all winter. They are wonderful in stuffing and cooked with Brussel sprouts. And I love them with duck. CanÂt wait to make something with them. Moe is already into the Ice Wine Chocolates. Might have to wrestle the box from him. LOL!

And Monty, Abby and Beau thank you for their treats too.

Its funny I was just looking for a large spatula for turning fish on the grill. Something IÂve needed for a long time. And that trivet is wonderful. What a great idea to make it expandable.

IÂve always been the "jar opener" in this house. And just recently IÂve started to get a little arthritis in my hands so I know that the jar opener will really come in handy.

Stacy, thank you so much. I love everything, but I have to tell you that your painting of Stetson is really the icing on the cake.

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What a lovely picture of Stetson, Stacy! And how special for Ann and Moe. You are really talented.

Enjoy your swap items, Ann. They are just you!


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Stacy, what a great idea to do a painting of Stetson. You are a very talented lady. I love the pottery and it matches the placemats perfectly. Oh, those chestnuts........! And love the trivet. Enjoy Ann and Moe. Don't forget to take a picture once you hang the painting!

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Just how cool is that? Stacy, I love the painting...great package. The jar opener looks serious, I'm going to need one soon myself. The plates are really nice, great color.

Enjoy Ann!


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Stacy you are so talented. That was very thoughtful of you. Ann I know you love your goodies.

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Waaaaaaaaaaah! Here I was so proud I could finally post pictures, and I screwed it up! I (thought I) downsized the photos -- but for some reason it stretches wayyyyy across the screen and there's all this space between the photos. Sorry!!!

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Ah, Ann and Moe, that is portrait of Stetson is absolutely wonderful; Stacey captured his personality and I feel as though I know him by the look in his eyes.
The whole package is full of treasures and they are eclipsed by the painting.

Of the kitchen items, everything is so thoughtfully chosen; I particularly love the undulating shape of the trivet.

There are sure to be chestnut recipes on future posts, aren't there?

Stacey, you have chosen well for our Ann.


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What a beautiful painting. Stacy, you couldn't have done anything nicer for Ann and Moe.
DH and I love Ice Wine and of course chocolate. Could you tell me who makes them and where you bought them?

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I love that painting! The whole swap box is wonderful. Stacy, you are very talented!


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Oh my goodness. Stacy - WOW! What a handsome portrait (and subject, of course!).

I love the look of the Brie Baker and that spatula does look really handy. What a special package.

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Wow, Stacy. You are talented! Now THAT is the ultimate in a personalized swap box!

Nice chestnuts. Hmmm, some of them look like a 34C...

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Oh. My. God.

The painting of Stetson makes me tear up too. Such a wonderful package Stacy.

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That portrait is beyond wonderful. What an incredible gift. The other things are indeed lovely and thoughtful but the painting is the best swap present ever!

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Oh my, that is a perfect swap box. I like the pottery, and the wooden trivet is unique. That picture of Stetson, though, that's the real treasure here.

What a nice thought and a wonderful gift.


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All I can do is echo Annie and the rest. Stacym that painting is extraordinary and from your heart no less. Ann you hit the jackpot big time! Everything in your package is perfect for you!

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I could've stopped right at the picture of Stetson and seen or needed nothing more. The look of his eyes is "his" look! Beautifully done, Stacy.

So, Ann, off to very good starts. I wonder how long it took Stacy to pint that and does she paint kids (LOL, HINT!). ROFLMAO at Jessy's comment!!!

I love the dishes...especially the brie dish. Getting one of those! I need to read up on what you do with the chestnuts and I'd like to try them. Eager to read abou the others, too.

The gadgets are all great! Super package you recieved Ann! Enjoy!!

Excellent job, Stacy!

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Stacy, you did an awesome job, and I too love the painting. How very touching! Lucky you, Ann. I love everything except...
Sherry, who hates chestnuts, LOL

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I am so happy for you.
Me too..I saw Stetson and had damp eyes..(I am a huge woos)
I have watched this forum and seen what attention and care you put into GW's Cooking Forum and must say that it was nice to see that sweet personal touch:)
I have learned so much from you Ann..

And that Brie Baker?:)!! Perfect..I don't have one either and it's a great idea.It's so pretty too.

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Hang on, I need to go get a tissue...

ok, the painting of Stetson sent me over the edge. Stacy, you are very talented and couldn't have done a better job on this swap package. I know Ann and Moe will treasure that painting always.

Ann, enjoy your bounty.

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oh my! I wish i had checked the computer last night before bed - it would have saved me yet another night of waking up several times and wondering if it got there OK - lol.

I have to pay homage to my "assistants" in the package Chase and Jessica - thanks ladies!!!

My theme rather went by the wayside and I ended up with the infamous "stuff in a box"...

I had wanted to do the painting knowing first how you feel about Stetson, and second how he has been failing...this was just a great opportunity. I needed something very special for a very special friend.

I'm very relieved that everything arrived intact and that you'll enjoy it, Ann.


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Stacy, thank you for sending Ann such a special box. She worked hard to make this swap fun for all of us and truly deserved an extra wonderful gift.

Stetson certainly is a handsome fellw and you have captured him well.

I love those serving dishes. The blue is such a pretty shade.

Nice, nice nice. Have fun.


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Linda, I got the ice wine chocolates at the Kensington Market in Toronto. Maybe Ann can tell you more about the packaging.

I still can't believe I didn't get some for myself - lol!


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Oh, man....my eyes are all teary, too! How sentimentally wonderful that painting is! Beautiful work, Stacy!

Love those plates and the pottery. That spatula is a great size and shape for the grill, and my old hands could certainly use one of them there jar openers!

Ann, what a special box for a very special person!


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How wonderful!!!! Stacy what a wonderful job you did with the painting of Stetson. I know how much you wanted to make this a great swap for Ann and there is no doubt that you did! Someone said it "better be good" because it was taking awhile, it's not good, its great!!

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Stacy, wow girl!!! 'Stuff in a box', huh?

Ann, thanks again for all you do. I can't wait to see your chestnut creations!

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Stacy, you're not just a talented cook, that picture is incredible. Priceless.

Ann, you deserve it for all you do for us!

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Wonderful gifts, Stacy! So useful, personal and heartfelt. Good job!

The gadgets are really neat. That fish turner is cool, and the expandable trivet is a fantastic idea. And lovely dishes!


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Fabulous painting. Just wow. How nice to have something that special and personal to you. Other nice things in that box but the Stetson portrait takes the cake. Just lovely.

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Awesome doesn't quite say it Stacy-- what a wonderful thing you've done for Ann & Moe with that painting . Oh and the rest seems just right for Ann too ! Love that pottery.

Guess I don't have to tell you to enjoy your package Ann--
it will be bringing you warm moments for years .

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A special package for a special person!

Stacy, you are so talented.

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That is such a special package. I know Ann would have loved it if it was just that wonderful personal painting. Everytime she looks at the painitng it will remind her of the forum, Stacy and Stetson. What is more special then that.

I love those plates. Are they made by a local artist or will I be able to find some in my neck of the woods?


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I don't know how I missed this, but I just saw it today. How wonderful to receive original art - and it's so beautifully framed. I also love the trivet - very clever design. I may have to get one of those fish turners myself - that looks extremely practical. I'm not really familiar with chestnuts - I'm not sure I've ever had any, other than water chestnuts. Are they related?

The ceramics are beautiful too - great package!


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I'm so impressed! What a beautiful gift and that picture of Stetson, just, WOW!


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WOW, WOW, WOW!! That painting of Stetson is perfect and priceless Stacy!!! The rest of the package is great too but I'm still in shock over that painting!! A package Ann and Moe will remember forever!! Amazing!


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Stacy, You did a fantastic job of putting Anns package together. The painting of Stetson is just beautiful and so thoughtful.

Ann, Enjoy that package it is very special. Can't wait to see what you put on those plates.


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Robin, the brie baker is local but the plates, I got when visiting Sharon in Toronto - they weren't local - I can't remember the name of the store, but have a feeling you could probably find them, if you look around.


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As said before..the ultimate in personalized swap boxes! It must be nice to have talents.

Ann, Maybe Ellen will loan you her Chestnut Slitter.

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WOW now that tops the cake....

Nice job Stacy!

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I'm trying to get caught up on the swap boxes, and was really overwhelmed by the beautiful portrait of Stetson. Having an old girl myself, I can certainly appreciate how meaningful that must be to receive.

And the plates! I'm drooling!!

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Holy Moly......this is one fabulous group! Stacy you outdid yourself on this one! The painting is beautiful and the whole box is very lovely, especially the pottery.

Enjoy it all Ann.


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WOW...what a fabulous package! The portrait of Stetson is just beautiful and so touching. I love the large spatula and will have to keep my eye out for something like this! The trivet is too cool and such a great idea too!

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