OH OH! Mabye a mistake in buying cast iron cookeware!

bonjoMarch 5, 2008

I have been slowly adding pieces to my cast iron and cast iron enameled cookeware. Has anyone out there bought and cooked with the Cottage Collection enamel cookware sold on the HSN? I just recieved the 6 piece set in a beutiful two tone apple green. Two quart with pour spout, 3 quart and 5 quart. Lids all have the self basting. Can be heated up to 650. I have read some feed back on the HSN site and they either rave about them or hate them. Chipping of the enamel is the ones that hate them. I have several other cast iron pieces, LC, Lodge, and of course my grandmothers and great grandmothers big ol cast dutch oven's that I will have to put in my will! I only paid $70.00 for the 6 pieces, so it can't be a total loss.

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$70 for 6 pieces sounds too good to be true....so If they don't last and chip....you won't be out much.
One covered pot in Le Cruset can easily cost 3 times what you paid for the 6 pieces....so if one lasts and you get good use from it, you are $$ ahead.
Linda C

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70 bucks sounds cheap. It is hard to match the LC quality and I have to imagine at that price point you will be getting somewhat less quality but you will probably get your moneys worth out of them.

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You are both right. The set was missing the skillet, and sold on HSN for 130.00. Retail they quoted $300.00. My LC 3 quart cost $100.00 just for that. I did purchase the set on Ebay. We will see just how long they last!

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