Anyone ever damage their Le Creuset by using high heat?

jono123March 25, 2006

LC specifically states to use medium heat and that high heat will damage the enamel. I was at William SonomaÂs today and they were doing a stir fry demo using a LC wok. The presenter said that she has used high heat and had not issues with the LC pieces.

I am just curious if anyone has ignored LC's instructions and used high heat anyway and what your experience has been.

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Yes......I had a chunk of the enamel pop off when I was making cranberry sauce in a Dutch oven....I over cooked the jelly.....and it got hot as only boiling sugar can and popped a piece of the enamel off....
Linda C

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I am sorry to hear about that Linda but thanks for your response.

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I have an older Le Creuset lasagna pan. For some reason, I put it in the oven to get it off the counter and forgot about it. I turned on the broiler one night and after a while I smelled a strange odor. I opened the oven and saw a smoking brown pan and realized it was my red/orange lasgana pan!

The enamel was melting, or so it appeared. I immediately and carefully took it out and placed it on some trivets. The orange enamel was now completely chocolate brown colored. As it cooled, the orange color started to come back.

It seems to be OK, but I definitely think you can harm the enamel if it gets too hot.

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I was looking for a new roasting pan last week and the Le Creuset instructions said that 450°F was the maximum. Since I routinely roast at 500°F I hesitated to buy one. I ended up buying a cast iron/porcelain roasting pan, Mario Batali's brand made by Copco. It got good reviews, was less expensive and can go in a 500°F oven. I bought the Dutch Oven too.


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Several years ago, I accidentally cooked a chicken stew type dish in my Le Creuset on my electric range on high temperature, and the pot actually fused to the electric coil. I had to let the pot cool off, and sort of insert a strong knife in between the pot and the coil. The pot has some dark coil marks on the bottom, and a few small spots where the enamel is thinner. It is still functional. The electric burner still worked, too, though it had some enamel patches on it.

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Oh boy, sure am glad that I read this. We are newbies to LC cookware, and I'm the proud owner of 5 pieces. Good to know, thanks for posting.

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