Tikanas you are Wonderful!!!

blueiris24August 3, 2006

I received my swap package from Tikanas late this afternoon. The poor box looks like it was beaten with a sledge hammer and I was a little worried about the contents. However, I left the box on the landing and told the boys I'd wait until their Dad got home to open it:

I also want to note that this is my first time ever posting a picture and I'm feeling rather proud of myself so hopefully it will turn out all right! Gina had to post my pix for the last swap. I'm really not that computer illiterate, I just am one of those people who hate reading directions and just want to DO it ---- ok, ok, I digress.

I passed the package a few times on my way up and down the stairs and then I had it. I went over and started ripping it open -- the boys said, Hey, I thought you were going to wait! ' -- yeah, well, shoulda woulda coulda, whatever, gotta go, gotta go!

I started screaming soon after the tissue paper was peeled away -- Tikanas, thank you so, so much for the generous package you sent. I am SO excited about it. The theme was Hecha en Mexico (Made in Mexico) She had read that I love Mexican food, and probably also that I am heading to Santa Fe soon to celebrate my 40th bday with friends. I don't know what to dive into first!

I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU SENT ME A PEPPER PLANT! Yes, Tikanas sent me a LIVE chile pepper plant. And it made it! It's on my kitchen counter in front of the window as I write this.

She sent a Rick Bayless cookbook that looks GREAT - I have an older one of his but the recipes are so long and involved, I just never have time to make any of the recipes. This one has wonderful photos and recipes and looks much more manageable during the week!

She sent me a large selection of Mexican spices and chiles - Chile de Arbol, Puya chili pods, ancho chili pods, red peppers, ground cumin, hulled pumpkin seeds (and I just so happen to have a guacamole recipe that calls for these), and whole cumin.

There is a package of Mexican rice with corn I can't wait to try. She included a couple limes and margarita salt - I'm embarrassed to count the number of margaritas I've drank this summer and I do so love salt. There is a Horchata mix -- I had to look it up because I didn't know what it was, and it sounds WONDERFUL - it's a drink of rice, almonds, cinnamon, lime zest and sugar, it's dairy free, and "rumored to be the cure for a hangover" so I'll give it a whirl after I finish my margaritas!

There is a Mexican hot chocolate mix, Mexican coffee, and Mole sauce.

THEN there is a small pan, is it called comales, Tikanas? It's made for frying up tortillas. I've never seen one before, and can't wait to try it out. Along with my

TORTILLA PRESS -- I started screaming when I saw it. My husband walked in after work and said "What's THIS?" with a big smile on his face - and went right to the chile plant and stole the coffee.

This fall will be the first time my kids are all in school full time and people keep asking me "What will you DO with yourself?" Well, I'll be learning how to make homemade tortillas, and mole dishes, and tamales --- Tikanas, I can't thank you enough for the very thoughtful box you sent. I LOVE it!

PS Ok, when I preview this my pix are huge even though I downsized them and there is a bunch of space between the photos that I can't fix but just hang in there with me, ok? I'll get it eventually!

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Great Mexican swap package, Tikanas. I guess you will have no problems coming up with something to make with all those chilies and a Rick Bayless cookbook! And that tortilla press would come in handy, too. My hubby would be in hog heaven with this package! Enjoy, Blueiris!

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Fun package, I love to cook Mexican, that is a great selection of ingredients. Nice..Tikanas!

Blueiris...I hope you show us what you make.


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Wow Wee! Looks like a totally hot swap box! Have fun with it.

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Love Rick Bayless. I see some wonderful Mexican cooking in your future. A totilla press, that is one of the few kitchens gadgets I don't own. It is a good thing that box did not contain a bottle of wine or anything else glass, it sure looks like it went around the world, twice. Congrats on the pictures, at least you got them on, I have yet to master that. I'll be looking for pictures of your creations.

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I am SO glad that it FINALLY arrived! I have been worried. First I shipped it thru our local Biz center and it was delivered to MY HOUSE 4 days later!! I almost had a heart attack! Then, every time I tried to track it online, I got an error message "no info availiable".

I was kicking myself because I forgot the little bottle of tequila to go with the salt, but now that I see the condition of that box..... probably a good thing!

I am so glad that you like everything! I have that same cookbook and there are some great recipes. Your pics are great. I look forward to seeing oics of your homemade tortillas.

It was a real pleasure to shop for you, Blue Iris. Your enthusiasm made my day!


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What a great theme! It sounds like you are going to have mucho fun with everything. I can't wait to see what you make.

Aahhh, what I wouldn't do for a margarita right now. Great job, Tikanas.

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Whoops! I forgot to mention Tikanas ALSO sent a Red Hot Chili Peppers cd! ;) Perhaps that is because my husband absconded with it soon after he got home . . . Thank you!

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Love the theme Tikanas! Ole!

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What a wonderful selection of Mexican goodies. That tortilla press looks awesome. Mine is cast aluminum, heavy and awkward. This looks so much better. My cookbook group just did Rick Bayless last month and all the food was to die for. There is a recipe for a mango and avocado salad in that book that someone made that is incredible! Great package!

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Blueiris, it's clear you are enjoying your package, and so is your husband. LOL

That is a great bunch of goodies, and I'm stunned that pepper plant made it alive.


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What a fun package! Filled with all the goodies so abundant in Southern California! That Ibarra chocolate is great, you can try some as hot chocolate or as Mole. Enjoy it Iris!

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Great them package! I lve to cook Mexican, too. I rarely have everything I need each time and end up winging it. You have sucha great start here! Enjoy! I'm sure you'll get lots of help with recipes, here, too!

Great job Tikanas!!!

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Ooooo....hot tamale Mama! What a Mexican Fiesta or two you'll be having! Nice selections, Tikanas. Can't believe the plant made it intact.


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Ay, carumba! El paquete es muy, abundantes, y deliciosos, y caliente!

You'll need margaritas to cool off after those chiles, or, to ready yourself for them.

Tikanas, I love that you sent a plant! Wow!

Blueiris, enjoy your bounty!


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Si, El paquete es muy caliente. Nice job Tikanas, and blueiris, I am glad your wait is over!!!

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How special that you sent Blueiris a pepper plant! Original and creative swap box!

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A one of a kind package..This is so neat because if one wasn't veresed on Mexican cooking(Like me) they could look forward to a whole new and fun experience.I love this idea and everything is so nice.The pepper plant is such a darling added touch.

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Heh heh nice package there Tik. Blue Iris is going to turn red with the heat!

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What a great package! Not only the tools and the food, but some (ahem) appropriate music to enjoy as well! I've never heard of chile Japones or Puya -- what are they like? I haven't heard of horchata, either, but it sounds very Middle Eastern -- perhaps a transplant via Spain?

Hope you enjoy the package, blueiris -- if you can't beat the heat -- overwhelm it!

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What a great theme. Ole. The Red Hot Chili Peppers cd is a hoot. I love the tortilla press, too. Have fun.

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Great package Tikanas!! I am also amazed that the plant made it.
Heck I can kill a plant just looking at it and UPS did not kill this one. Blueiris
Love the story about your tearing in to the package before your husband got
home. I only wait for my DH because I have them delivered to his office. Enjoy!!


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awww, that is SUCH a great package!

I have heard that cookbook referred to MANY times
here on the forum.

All such unique ideas - the cd, the plant - I
love the torilla press! And those dried peppers!

Great job Tikanas - i love it! blueiris - definitely
the enthusiasm award - fun to read!


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Yikes, those pics are great but HUGE! Glad I don't have dial up! LOL

Great theme, Tikanas! And a live chile plant, too? Never would have thunk to send something like that! Very cool!

blueiris, yer lips are gonna burn! LOL


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What a fantastic package. Nothing like running with a theme! I would have screamed over the tortilla press too :)

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Great spicy package! Our cooking club did a Mexican theme a year or so ago, and it was good. Tell us how the tortilla making goes for you Blueiris!


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