Problems with KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator Doors

kit222November 22, 2012

When I open or close the left side of the refrig door, the right side door got bounced open as well. When I open or close the right door, the left door would stay in place. One of the sales person said this bouncing effect was by design. It seemed odd for the doors not to stay in place. Your words of wisdom on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Sophie Wheeler

Normal. Get used to it.

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Kit222 -- Can you be more specific about the doors not staying in place?

Do you mean that the right door pops a little bit but then closes itself when you open or close the left door?


Do you mean that the right door bounces open and stays open a crack unless you then push it closed?

The first is normal. Open your fridge and look at the left door. See the flap/slat along the inside leading edge? When you close the door, the flap goes into a channel that pushes it open parallel to the front of the fridge so it covers the gap between the two doors. That channel locks the flap (and thus the left door) in place. It holds the left door in place when you open and close the right door even though closing the right door gives a little air pressure push. When opening and closing the left door, the the flap bumps against the gasket on the right-side door which makes the right door pop open a teeny bit (from which it should immediately re-seal itself.)

Now look at the right door. No flap, right? Nothing to lock the right door in place, right? Nothing to really bump the gasket of the left door.

So, opening and closing the left door will make the right one bounce out a little bit but not vice versa.

But, that is normal operation. If your problem is that your right door is not immediately resealing itself when you open or close the left door, then something is out of adjustment. That is not "normal."

Most likely culprit: your fridge is tilted a little bit forward. That is easy to do when somebody gets a little too anal about leveling the fridge.

If that is the problem, just adjust the front leveling feet to give a slight backward tilt. It takes very little adjustment to accomplish this, nowhere near enough to have any adverse effects on anything mechanical (or the levelness of fluids in containers in the fridge if you have that kind of obsession.) Adjusting the leveling feet is covered in the Use and Care Guide that came with your KA.

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if it is what JJWvideo said above in example 1 that is normal mine does it also. this is just how it works so that the center bar that makes the seal between the doors can pop its self back in place for a proper seal

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Just tried mine--both doors stayed closed when the opposite was opened. The right door may have "bounced" a tiny bit, but stayed firmly closed.

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