Electrolux oven: Is this the light at the end of the tunnel?!

SusanlaveNovember 10, 2012

Okay. I have just spent hour upon hour reading all of the reports on electric ovens and was convinced that there was not an oven out there that would not "fry" it's own electronics after using the self clean option. And to top it all off, the companies were rude and totally unhelpful to customers with continuing problems. I was ready to just use a dutch oven and my fireplace to do all my baking. Then alas, at the final moment, a life ring was tossed my way. The ELECTROLUX !! Many of you praised it and even said that customer service was good if you needed them. Can it be true? I need reassurance that I am not just punch drunk at 2 am from all of my research. I need to decide on my oven soon for our remodel. Please tell me I am making the right decision. The Electrolux is at the very top of what I will be willing to pay for an oven and at that ($2000) it is about $300 more than I really wanted to go. So Wolf or others are out of the question. So, all of you wonderful people out there let me know what I should do. I was looking at the EI30EW35JS with the IQ controls because I was a little leary about the Wave touch. But it seems that most people like the wavetouch more than the IQ. Is the oven basically the same, except for a couple of features? Awaiting all of your replies.

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The Wavetouch controls are all about appearance, since it makes the panel fade to just the clock when not in use. If your oven is going to be in an inconspicuous place, it won't matter if the controls fade. If you can see them all the time, it's worth paying extra for Wavetouch. If the cost of Wavetouch puts you over your budget, you should go for function over appearance and get the Elux without Wavetouch. As far as I know, it's exactly the same oven. Does it have the same number of gliding racks? The wavetouch comes with two, plus one regular rack.

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We have the WaveTouch Elux oven and love it. We bought it at the Sears outlet so we got it for half list price. You might consider checking their website. Note that items like these come and go very quickly. We spent a couple of months checking regularly before one came up.

However we had intended to get the IQ if we couldn't fit the WaveTouch into our budget. I don't know what the differences are, other than the control panel. Note that the two ovens have very different vertical dimensions, at least in the 27" wide versions. We had to make adjustments to cabinetry to fit the WaveTouch.

Good luck,

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