sur la table tri ply stainless vs. all clad

nubegMarch 17, 2007

Has anyone tried the Sur la Table tri ply? I was told it compares well to All Clad, but the steel is from China. It's on sale now at Sur la Table stores and online.

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I called them last week and was told it's on sale b/c they're coming out with a new store brand line of cookware. Also they weren't sure who made it for them, but guessed that it was anolon, or someone along those lines. I was looking for a saucepan and ended up ordering a Gourmet Standard one instead; i'll see how that is.

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Thanks. I also happened to buy a Gourmet Standard tri ply 10 inch saute pan with lid after reading the Cook's Illustrated article that rated it a best buy. It was about $75 compared to almost $200 for All Clad. So far, I really like it.
The cookware on sale at Sur la Table looks really nice.

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I wouldn't trust the SLT cookware. Looks really nice, but there's a reason they are so cheap. You get hot spots all over the bottom (a couple of my friends bought them and really regretted it). I'd rather spend $200 getting a really good quality pot that will last me a lifetime than spend $80 every 4 years. I use All Clad and Fissler, both excellent in quality though Fissler is a little lighter so easier to handle.

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friend bought a sur la tab small fry pan and the handle is so heavy it tips over and will not sit flat on her smooth top stove.

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