Bottoms of copper pans

mccallMarch 17, 2007

Does anyone know if the All copper stainless lined pans of the various manufacturers have carved in writing or symbols on the bottom of the pans? I like the look of the plain copper bottom without writing and symbols. But I was wondering if they now require that on Pans particularly out of Europe. Does anyone know?

Same question for All Clad Cop*R*Chef pans?

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I have an 11" SS-lined copper Dutch oven I bought from Sur La Table a few years ago. It has no markings on the bottom. Near one of the handles is has a small "MADE IN FRANCE" marking stamped into the metal, as well as a small "sTl" logo. Other than that, there are no markings on it.

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We have four pieces of Mauviel Cuprinox (2.5mm, stainless lined), including one we bought from MetroKitchen just this week. None of them have any markings on the bottom.

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Mauviel: no markings on bottom (if you want to order these, you might consider ordering them directly from France. Someone on another cooking forum does it this way and says even with the hassle, you save substantially on prices.)
Bourgeat: markings on bottom, but my favorite shapes

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