lowspark - swap shopper extraordinaire - thank you!!!!

RuddMDAugust 31, 2005

DH came in from golf tonight, walked into the garage and said "Honey, there's a package in here for you.". I knew right away it was my swap box!

More to follow. . .

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Oooooooooooooooohh!!! ::: bouncing in my chair ::: Hurry back!

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I dropped the knitting in mid-stitch and rushed to bring it in. Inside was a collection of the . May, I am happy to report, you packed everything very well. It was all intact.

The first items I picked up were the pretty . In the note card May explained her theme for the package was red and black. She used her imagination to picture me using these things. Can you see me enjoying a cup of tea and some chocolate? :)

This is where the paper started flying. May did her homework and picked some wonderful items.

- I am munching on the chocolate as I type this. The chocolate with raspberry filling is my favorite. I don't think I have posted anything about it, May you must be psychic! The truffles I will save for tomorrow.

- I am enjoying a cup of this along with my chocolate. I like that this is caffeine free tea, as I do most of my hot tea drinking at night. I know I will enjoy this.

- We are a potato chip eating family. I try to stay away from them as I am the nutrition Nazi in the family. But truth be told, I love them. And salt and pepper flavor are my favorite. These will be stashed in my office and maybe, just maybe I may share some with the family.

- This looks like just the thing to serve this weekend for our Labor Day cookout. I had planned on making some, but looking at the jar, I see this salsa took 1st place in the Texas Fiery Food Show. May, just think of the work you saved me. :)

- I'll have this for breakfast in the morning on some toast. I love honey and cinnamon and know this will be enjoyed.

- This has one of those built-in grinder tops. I look forward to using this. The size is so convenient I could carry this in my purse.

- This will be used on some ribs! We love to BBQ. Can't wait to try this out.

- Hmmm, this along with the BBQ sauce will be enjoyed by the whole family.

- This is cool. A combination pot holder, jar gripper and surface protector. This will match my Le Creuset spatulas perfect.

- As you can see I wasted no time filling it up with fruit. This is a very versatile bowl and I am sure I can find many uses for it.

- Like the red bowl this will have many uses. I see both of these are food safe. This black one I can immediately put to use as a bread dish. I had some help photographing this piece. Typo thought this was and he immediately put it to good use! Then he spotted the little bitty red bow May had stuck to the top of one of the chocolate bars.

Last, but not least a - I can't wait to curl up on the couch with this! I'm interested in learning more about this kind of food. How did you know that? Hmmm? The photographs in the book are lovely and there are chapters on Asian, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Cajun cooking. How fun this will be! A culinary adventure.

Did I say last? Nope afraid not! There is one last item.

Cute - socks - These fit right into the black and red theme. I have them on now and think their kinda sexy. Whatcha think?

May - I want to thank you for the thoughtful package you put together. It was a pleasure opening this and going through all the goodies. I will enjoy these items for a long time. Well, except for maybe the chocolate and the potato chips. Lol. I don't expect they will last through the next couple of days!

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Doris, that's a great swap box and it's so good of you to share with Typo like that. LOL

The cinnamon honey sounds especially good and I love that red bowl.


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I swear, May must have peeked into your kitchen! Her red and black theme was just perfect for you, Doris!

Great choices, May!

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Man, that is one heck of a swap box. I love the red and black theme also! Typo is adorable, as are those socks! But my favorite is that red bowl!! I have this obsession for bowls and that one is a beauty.

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oooh, I love the theme! (and the socks).

May, great job - the bowls are fantastic...

Doris, how'd ya take a picture of the red one next to MY mixer??? Enjoy all these goodies - I like the cookbook.


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That adorable picture of Typo in the bowl gives new meaning to the term 'eating pu.....' ooops, I mean 'cat food'.

Great haul!

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WOW, May I think you are the swap shopper extraordinaire, I love the red bowl, the black bowl and what's not to like about those "sexy socks."

I bet those chips and sangria BBQ sauce are good, just a super package!

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I'm so glad everything arrived intact! I have to give some credit to craftyrn who was my swap partner -- I reused her box and copied her method of wrapping up the breakable/spillables.

I really had fun searching for things that were red and/or black -- quite a challenge. And when I saw those socks, I about fell over -- they were the perfect finishing touch!

Doris, I hope you enjoy everything, especially the "tastes of Texas" I threw in!

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Very nice May. I like everything you sent but the red and the black bowls are my favourites. Looks like the black bowl is Typo's favourite too. Enjoy your package Doris.


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That was a very clever theme and a great selection of goodies! Love the socks! And can't help but love the bowl best, which looks all the more beautiful with that little darling in it. The cinnamon honey sounds yummy too. Lucky you!!


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LOL at Jessy!

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What a great packagage! Love the bowls and the cinnamon honey sounds wonderful for morning toast! Good job, May! Enjoy your goodies, Doris!

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I did have the honey on my morning toast. It was delicious!

May - I especially love the taste of Texas! I can't wait to use the rub on some ribs. Mmmmmm.

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Super pachage May--
Doris -- May seems to have picked the perfect items for you. Love those bowls & that sounds like a great cookbook--all those "tastes of Texas" arrived just in time to help you celebrate the holiday.


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Great package, May! I love the two bowls! Enjoy it all, Doris. The cinnamon honey sounds wonderful!

Typo is adorable!


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May you did a wonderful job. So nice of you to buy a bowl for Typo. That cookbook looks interesting. The bowls are so beautiful. I know Doris will enjoy all her goodies.


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That's a lovely box with some yummy looking things. I picture Doris going around town getting hugs because of her new socks!

I'll have to check out that herbal Red Tea. Always on the lookout for a new one.

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I had a chance to leisurely go through the cookbook last night. I am so excited at the prospect of fixing some of those dishes.

Pamela - the red tea is very good. I think you would enjoy it.

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Great package May. Of course the Texas things are my favorites!! Doris be sure and share some recipes with us.

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Doris, lots for you to enjoy and the cookbook looks very interesting. Please let us know what you try from it.


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Well Typo has certainly settled right in. He'd probably love the chips too. Great gifts, I love them all.


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Doris, Ahhhh, Typo is just adorable. I've been gone and just now catching up here with all the great exchanges. To heck with exchanges, Typo is just too, too sweet! Seriously, your gifts are really nice.

May, You are a great swap shopper. Super job!


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