The brown truck stopped at my house

lindainctAugust 8, 2006

What a lovely box of treats I received today from Sunny. I will try to make my descriptions do them justice since I am digitally challenged.

Every thing came packaged in a LL Bean canvas bag. I have a couple of their very large bags that I use when we travel but this one I will use often because it is medium sized and has pockets lining the inside. Perfect for the beach or a picnic.

Then I got a little confused, the box was from Texas but the goodies in the bag were from Wisconsin, then I remembered that Sunny "vacationed" there recently and obviously did a lot of shopping.

First, a trio of mustards-Amorous Alice, an Aioli Garlic Mustard; Habanero Horseradish and Mahala's Mudd which contains port wine and essence of chocolate and fig! These are all from the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum. I didn't know such a place existed but they have great stuff.

Next, a bag of popcorn called Red Baby Rice and that is just what it looks like, dark reddish brown kernels the size of rice. I think I'll wait till the GKs are here to try that out.

Continuing the "made in Wisconsin" theme there is a bottle of Basil Infused Olive Oil, Bee Charmer Honey in one of those cute bears and a bottle of beautiful amber colored maple syrup. All will be throughly enjoyed.

Knowing my love of jam and jelly, Sunny also included a jar of rhubarb jam which will be sampled very shortly but first I have to admit that I have already eaten the little teddy bear maple sugar candy. Outside of sugar cubes that I ate at restaurants while waiting for dinner, maple sugar candy is the first sweet that I can remember and I have always loved it but haven't bought it in years. Thank you so much for allowing me to be "bad", it was delicious.

I'm not done yet, Sunny got really carried away.

Well, until I was reading the bottle I had no idea the Penzeys Spices was based in Wisconsin. Sunny sent Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle. It suggests using it on chicken, fish or chops but after smelling I think I am going to try it on pasta along with the garlic-four heads included in this great package and the basil olive oil.

And now, for my kitchen- two potholders in a black and cream design, a long handled plastic spoon with a smily face cut through the bowl-hope Sunny took a picture to show you-to cute, a long handled silicon spatule and a silicon basting brush both of these it cobalt blue AND two packages of Evert-Fresh green bags to store vegetable and fruits in. Boy is that perfect for me. I am forever losing veggies in the bottom of the drawer and they turn to yuck. These should really help.

Sunny created a wonderful package for me and aren't I glad that she forgot to count?


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A quick correction, I was just showing everything to DH when I realized the canvas bag is from Land's End also based in Wisconsin! and I forgot to mention that the bag has a strap with a clasp on the end so I can clip on the car keys.

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Sounds like a great bag Sunny filled for you, Linda. The mustards sound very much like something I would like, especially the habanero horseradish. You will love the Evert bags.

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I LOVE maple candy! WHat a treat of a swap package. Nicely done, Sunny.



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And the best box was saved for last! Nice haul! Oooh I would love to see those mustards. I'm not a big mustard fan, but they do have a place in my repetoire. Rhubarb, eh? Let us know how it tastes!

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That mustard with port and essence of chocolate and fig sounds amazing. I am "tasting" it in my head on a ham or turkey sandwich. All the mustards sound amazing, as does the whole package. What a wonderful gift. The bag sounds wonderful as well (my husband calls me a bag lady because I have so many, not purse size but like that one).

Lucky you Linda to have all these treats from vacation without having to pack!! Good job Sunny!! Sounds like it was worth the wait.


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I almost forgot-Sunny must have learned that I like to garden and also sent Badger Healing Balm for hands and Tangerine Breeze flavor lip balm-smells delicious!
Thanks again Sunny for a great swap box.

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It all sounds wonderful! Enjoy that rhubarb jam, Linda. Very nice swap box, Sunny.

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Wow sounds like lots of tasty treats for your tummy and your body..

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wow! That sounds like a great package - I hope sunny has pics!

I have ordered from tha tmustard museum online - mmmmmmmm.

Great job sunny - sounds like you had fun shopping on vacation!


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Wow, it's almost like Sunny took you on vacation with her! I am going to google that mustard museum, I am sure it is only a day trip for me!
A very flavorful package, Linda!


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That's one great swap package! I love mustard of all types and the bag sounds perfect.

Good job, Sunny. I can just see Linda in the kitchen, stirring her jam with that smiley face spoon.


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All those mustards sound great. I've never used the Evert bags, but I've also heard they're the best. I'm sure you'll put them to great use.

That Badger healing balm is good stuff, works great.

YES, I can see Linda using her smiley-face spoon, whipping up some jam. That girl has a constant smile!

Perfect gifts, Sunny!

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Those mustards do sound great. And the bag sounds wonderful. I also "collect" bags, like that one plus all the great shopping bags I can never throw out. LOL

But it's the "smiley" spoon I want to see. That sounds perfect for a friend who's totem is a smiley face. Where did you get it?

Lots of great things in that box. Hope there are pix.

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Great package! Mustard and chocolate? Huh?! I'm looking forward to hearing your taste experience!! The other mustards sound great. The healing and lip balms sound wonderful! I love those llbean bags! They last forever. Pockets are perfect so you don't lose your keys! Yep, I'd have eaten the candy up before I posted! That's for sure! Great package! Enjoy!

Sunny...terrific job! A fine assortment!!

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Wow, those mustrads sound so good. I have never heard of an Evert Bag. I could use that because I am the queen of slimy produce.

Packing everything in a Lands End bag was a great idea.

Nice job Sunny.

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I use Evert bags, and I buy them on line, although they are available in stores here - just not the stores where I usually shop. You have to remember to dry everything you put into those bags, and then they work pretty well.

The mustard museum sounds very interesting.

Is this really the last package??


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Wow. That was a "best for last" wasn't it? Sounds great. (another mustard lover)

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Everything sounds delish, but especially the horseradish and maple sugar candies :) I'm going to have to try the Evert bags everyone keeps talking about!

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I'm so glad it made it safely! I have a whole lot of 'splainin to do, but I don't have time right now.
And yes, I do have picures, I think, but still have not found the camera cable.

My theme was "what I did on my summer "vacation", or "how to have fun in spite of my family". :p More later...

The Lands End bag, BTW was from their "not quite perfect" store in Madison. My family have certain places that we make a point of going every year, and that is one of them. They sell a lot of stuff that has been monogrammed, and you might have noticed the faint outline of someones last name on one side where I picked out the monogram the best I could. I didn't know if you would want a bag that said "love" on it or not, but I figured you could turn it around...or if you have the time and patience you can pick out those stitches too.

I will get back on here later. School starts for the kids next week, and I have a ton to do!


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Sunny, I think we could all relate to that theme at one time or another, I love it and I don't think anyone would mind a Lands End bag with "love" on it. I think you shop like I do!

Everything sounds great and can't wait to see the pics.

Lars, thanks for the tip on the Evert bags, I buy them online, but didn't know to dry what I put in them. I usually don't read the instructions, until it is too late.

Linda, enjoy your package!

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Linda, enjoy your goodies! The balms sound delightful.

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Wow nice vacation variety there Sunny! I can sympathize with your "enjoy vacation in spite of my family theme" as we just got home tonight!

Enjoy it all Linda,


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Linda, here is the explanation of everything I sent. I forgot to do it before I sent it, and I wanted to tell you about things.

The bag - As you figured out, it is from Lands End. One of the places we HAVE to go when we visit Madison is the "not quite perfect" outlet on State Street. I loved those bags, and I thought they were a good size for toting around a little of summer's bounty. I thought it was a pretty good size for lots of things. They had a special sale on the monogrammed ones, and I can't resist practical things that are on special sale. I didn't know if it was tacky to send something that had been monogrammed for someone else, but then I figured "What the heck? I AM a little tacky!"

The mustards - the only one they didn't have samples of was the chocolate/fig one, but it sounded so intruiging. I can't wait to hear whether it is good, or just really gross. Lol

The popcorn - I got some of it. It's from the Dane County Farmer's market, which is a big Madison attraction. It is held all around the courthouse every Saturday. We always go, and my husband spends about a hundred bucks on CHEESE from Bleu Mont Dairy. I wish I could have sent you some of that! Had it been cold weather, I would have tried. I got some popcorn for myself too, but I was disappointed in it. Maybe you will have better luck. I gave up and bought some Orville Re-bacher. I tried it after I sent the box, so I didn't know how it would be.

The basil olive oil - It won some big award, but I can't remember what it was It sounded yummy to me. I hope it is! It was also from the dane county market.

Bee Charmer Honey - (Dane market) That honey was pulled the night before I bought it. It is Black Locust honey, and I don't think I have ever seen any that is so light in color.

Maple bear and syrup -(Dane market) I am a sucker for a cute bear. :) I figure you probably have plenty of maple syrup up there, but you can't have too much maple syrup!

Rhubarb season was going strong while we were there, and I couldn't send you a pie, so some preserves sounded like a good compromise.

Brady Street Cheese Sprinkle- I used some on my popcorn, and had the popcorn not been so small and hard, it would have been quite yummy. I will try again with Orville

Garlic- There are two types, but by the time I got them home I could not tell them apart. They were dug the morning I bought them.

Two potholders in a black and cream design- It's easy to find that design in pastures around Madison, on the backs of Holstein cows. Wisconsin is the land of cheese, so I thought those were appropriate. Those cows are cute! I even got slobbered on by one. But the potholders had nothing to to with that little interaction, I swear! :)

Plastic spoon with a smiley face- That's from Orange Tree Imports. Another store I like to visit when I am there. Also the silicon brush. I love my silicone brush. They didn't have any just like mine, but I hope that one is good.

Evert-Fresh green bags -I bought a case of them from ebay a year or so ago. My fridge is full of them. They help with some things more than others. My favorite thing is to trim the bottoms of parsley and cilantro with a knife under running water and put them in a glass of water with a green bag over them. Cilantro usually goes bad so fast in my fridge, but this keeps it very well.

I hope you enjoy everything!

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The mascot of University of Wisconsin in Madison is Bucky Badger. He is a little wierd looking, but I love Badger Balm, so that is my little nod to the Badgers. :)

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