Board and batten vs. shake siding- opinions needed

livingreen2013October 3, 2012

Hey everyone! We were wondering if you could give us some feedback for our exterior finishes. We have only option #1 drawn:

Option #1- Board and batten on the sides, back and peaks of the house. Shake siding on the back sunroom and on the body of the front of the house. Stone on the columns, front and middle bump-out, and front of the garage.

Option #2- Board and batten on the majority of house, shake siding on the sunroom and in the peaks, and stone where it is drawn.

What do you think about the look of the board and batten on the front? What do you think would look best with the house? We also plan on doing an "x" design with the porch spindles. Thank you all for any advice.

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I love both board & batten as well as shakes. I tend to not like a lot of shakes unless the house is shingle style. Around here it is pretty common to have shakes on the part that is bumped out, like an accent. I guess I like option 2 the best, as long as it won't look to busy.

Here a photo of a house that has board &batten, stone and shakes. I like this one a lot.

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Hm. Well, I do like your initial drawing more (but I am no expert on exteriors)... I find the shaked peaks to be too heavy because they are usually natural or darker stained cedar.

Will you paint your shakes? That would make a difference in my final answer.

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Yes, we do plan on painting the shake the same color as the rest of the body (a gray/green/blue if you can picture that, with white trim). Thanks for the thoughts so far and for that photo olivesmom! That house is beautiful!

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Does that change your thoughts at all kirkhall? Any other opinions or ideas anyone? Thanks

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