WANTED: I got a package! I got a package!

sunnycoAugust 2, 2006

The UPS man is lucky I was not here when he delivered it. I probably would have pounced on him!

I am just blown away! So many goodies! I thought I got a bit carried away (part of me not getting more stuff than I did had to do with my husband hovering over me, watching me spend money lol) but arabellamiller obviously has even less self control than me! I mean that in the absolute best way possible, you know. :) She sent me so much stuff!

I took pictures, but I have not had my hands on the cable to hook the camera up to the computer since the trip. As soon as I find it...

So, here is the list. I took notes as I took it out of the box, because my 11 year old son was standing there, fondling certain items, and telling me how lucky I am. He's right!

The theme was "summer salads and more!" There is definitely "and more!"

A watermelon patio candle. It has citronella in it, and I have wondered if that stuff works, because the mosquitos here, even in draught conditions, are pretty bad...and there is this West Nile virus thing.

A container for taking salads for lunch, with a dressing holder in the top that lets you keep dressing and salad seperate and shake it together when you are ready to eat.

Dulcet lemon, mustard and dill sauce. Yum! I got some Dulcet curry mustard in WI and it was pretty good stuff. I can't wait to try this. I have tilapia fillets in my freezer right now, actually...

A jar of Vanilla peach preserves (I am going to use this to make a salad with ice cream! Who makes the rules about what is a "salad", anyway?! lol) and a jar of peach jam, both held by my child before I even had a chance to set them down.

Roasted eggplant pesto. It looks good.

Some cobalt colored glass salt and pepper shakers. Very pretty! I will be using them on the table so people quit taking the kitchen ones while I am cooking.

Hazelnut-praline spread. Holy cow. I love this world.

Carmelized red peppers. They are whispering "salads and pizza" to me.

Pecan pumpkin butter. Also looks yummy!


There were a bunch of things from Penzey's. This just about knocked me out of my shoes. When I was in Madison, I spend about 45 minutes browsing the Penzey's store, picking up things and putting them in my basket...and then putting most of them back because I didn't want to explain the charge bill to DH. Some of the things I put back were in this box!

The green goddess dressing base, buttermilk ranch base, country french vinaigrette and crystalized ginger were all ones I almost bought.

In addition, there was 4/S seasoned salt, creamy peppercorn dressing base and china cassia and kirintje cassia cinnamons.

And on top of all that she sent some cute sunflower napkins and butterfly stationary.

Wow! Just wow!

I wanted to mention, for anyone who does not remember, that when I posted more on here (before I started school), I did a significant bit of whining about what rotten luck I was having with salad dressings, and how bored I was with the one I kind I knew how to make well. I still have that problem, so these dressing bases will get used right away. After the trip and all of the junk food that I ate, I am again tryign to eat more veggies.

This is just great, arabella. I don't know if you remembered that, but you could not have picked a more suitable theme for me. Thank you!

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Wow, I can hardly wait for pictures, it sounds like a great swap box.

Good job, AM, it sounds like Sunny is enjoying it already.


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Sounds like you certainly sent a wonderful, food-filled package, AM. Just think of all the different things you can try out with all those goodies, Sunny! Can't wait to see the pictures to check it all out.

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Wow, what a variety of fun, new, spicy, flavorful things! AM packs a mean swap box! How ironic that you put back the Penzey's stuff only to find it in your box when you got home!

Can't wait to see the photos, Sunny! The cobalt blue shakers sound cool as do the napkins.


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I too am looking forward to pictures! I have one of those salad dressing and salad things that I bought from a school fundraiser, and I love it. It really works! And jams! And spices (I am a spice freak) Sunnyco, that is a really great package! Arabella, it looks like you did a wonderful job, (although you are a mite numerically challenged, lol)

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Sunny, ice cream salad sounds good to me! That's some package of goodies from AM!

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hahahah!! The ice cream salad got me smiling! Very nice package~

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Me too, I could'a had ice cream salad if I ever dreamt of sucha thing! It's scabillion degrees in NYC today....ice cream salad....oh boy.

So, ask a bunch of folks here who know my affection for salads, and they will tell you I am very envious of the potential for you to become salad queen of the CF with all the opportunity afforded you by our very own AM.

Imagination, generousity, talent, willingness all add up to a fabulous swap package. Enjoy the goodies, Sunny


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That salad carrier spunds very cool. I just saw a jar of vanilla peach preserves and didn't buy it. Now you can tell me how it tastes.

TobyT sent me some citronella candles -- they do work! We have mosquitoes galore around here, too.

Nice package! I can't wait for the pix.


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AM...an outstnding job!!

Sunny, what a lucky recipient! I'd enjoy that watermelon/citronella candle! All the salad lunch gear sounds great! All those sauces sound delicious, too. The cobalt S&P shakers sound great...can't wait to see those pix. Lots more to go! What a package! Enjoy!

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Niiiice package!

AM, great great job.

Dulcet lemon, mustard and dill sauce sounds so good on a piece of fish! Enjoy!

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Oh WOW sounds fabulous. I too am salad challenged maybe I can pay Ann to give my name to AM next time 'round!

Great job AM, very nice!

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Great package! Love the penzey's stuff! I picked up a small container of the creamy peppercorn dressing mix last time I was there but I have yet to try it (had to use up all my other salad dressing stuff first!!) Everything else sounds great too -- esp. the eggplant pesto!! Looking forward to pix!

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What a wonderful world of tastes! Especially cool that it's for salads -- helping you to eat healthy and good!

Lemon, dill and mustard -- all of my favorite flavours in one!

Sounds like definite good eats -- enjoy!

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Great package! AM does know how to pack a package. Gotta try that green goddess mix. Vanilla peach preserves sounds heavenly, too. Enjoy it, Sunny!

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I'm so glad you like everything! I did take notice of your salad dressing issues, so I'm thrilled that you like the dressing choices.

Here's a photo I took before I sent off the package:



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Well I'm glad someone is NOT contributing to nutritional delinquency. Except for that ice cream salad.

Nice Penzeys haul!

I still want to see the S&P shakers.

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Jessy, they are in the picture. In the box! lol

I still have not found the cable for the camera yet. Folks in Wisconsin and Illinois are searching their sofa cushions for it. Thanks for posting the picture!

And the ice cream salad with peach/cherry/vanilla topping is heavenly! ;)

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We can make salads together since that was the theme of my great package from Susie-que. But I didn't get anything to make ice cream salads with! (And it's just as well, thnak you.)

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I just love this theme. I have always wanted to try those salad bases from penzeys. What a great box!

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oooh, look at all those penzeys - how much fun are you gonna have with those, Sunny?

AM, what a great assortment of stuff - yet still staying within a theme - maybe you can help me with that next time, huh?

the watermelon candle looks neat.


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Sunny - will you report back on the Penzey's salad dressings? I've been wondering about them for years. And the pecan pumpkin butter is making me pine for fall!

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