Ginakra-Are you liking your cookware?

westsider40March 23, 2010

Hi- read your post about light good cookware and you bought Tools of trade cookright from Macy's. I saw it too and was impressed by it's looks, comfort, weight and heavy enough bottoms. Also induction capable-I'm getting induction.

My question is---how does it cook? Are you liking it? How long have you had it? I read that all stainless these days should not be used at higher than medium heat.

I would love for you, or anyone else to share. Thanks.

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I have used tools of the trade from Macy's and I did like it for the price. Used it for years. But, mine wasn't induction capable so, when I switched to induction, I had to buy new cookware. I got lucky and picked up a deal at Bloomingdales - Le Creuset SS cookware at 1/2 price ($300). I love it.
True, don't use anything above medium heat. I have some spots on mine from forgetting that rule.
Good luck!

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