Favorite tea kettle for induction?

txjoyceMarch 24, 2012

Waiting patiently for my induction cooktop to be installed. In the meantime, I need to replace our tea kettle - would rather not have Le Creuset, only because of the weight. What's your favorite?

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Get an electric kettle. Cheaper, faster, and wayyyyy more energy efficient that boiling water on any stovetop.

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I'm also looking for an induction compatible tea kettle - preferably with a stainless finish.

Has anyone found one?

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Finally found one with decent reviews. The brand is Cuisinox.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cuisinox Induction Compatible Tea Kettle

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The only other one I could find is this one - a little bigger.

Here is a link that might be useful: Strauss 3.5 quart tea kettle

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FWIW my $20 copco works fine. White enamel though.

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Thanks -- I'll definitely check these out -- not looking to spend a fortune!!

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I picked up a smallish red enamel Copco at Target for a bit less than $20. I like it just fine. I have an electric kettle that I use when traveling, and it's nice but I wouldn't call it faster or more efficient than my induction cooktop.


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auntie_ellen boston

I have a copco stainless that works but says not to use higher than medium! Anyone have a nice, fast tea kettle that's attractive?


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Who ever suggested an electric kettle over an induction ready model has never used induction. Induction boils water in half the time of any electric kettle!!! Also...don't listen to well meaning sales people who haven't the experience to really offer an opinion about cooktops. I'll never use any other form of cooktop and I've cooked on them all!

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Yes, I've used induction. But what I cannot fathom is why Americans do not embrace electric kettles, like most of the rest of the civilized world. They are cheap, efficient, and effective. Perhaps marginally slower than induction heat, but price and efficiency more than trump any slight time advantage. I'll never waste a burner on any type of cooktop to boil water for tea or other hot drinks.

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A good electric kettle is not cheap. All the hundreds of cheap ones are in landfills and are plastic...who wants boiled water in plastic. They are only more efficient if the coils are in direct contact with the water inside therefore tastes metallic. If they are the type that keeps the water hot for hours on end...a power hog. And yet another appliance on the counter?
(I have one at work for the tea drinkers ; ) and i like green tea in the afternoon.)

Many water kettles on the stovetop are not used everyday. A heavy tea drinker probably has an electric kettle. I use my kettle for thinning sauces and i make fresh fridge pickles.
A favorite Vietnamese dish in our rotation needs hot water.
I had a hard time when looking for a kettle. I would suggest trying one in person at a cooks type store. They all seem to have some annoying flaw...handle placement, lid fitting loose or too hard to remove and replace. (Mine is heavy, expensive, and restaurant quality so does not fit your needs), but i did look for a few months at many other choices.
I had the tiny Revere Wear for years and work flawlessly until a friend put too high a flame and burned the handle. The Staub was my front runner for good looks but i needed a whistle. (but very heavy and the handle gets hot)
I recall not a single 5 star rating on any kettle on Amazon.
The Strauss mentioned above looks good. I like the Oxo Uplift anniversary(with cork) but higher cost.

Here is a link that might be useful: kettle review

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An electric kettle should have an efficiency in the high 90-percents, whereas induction is probably in the lower 90-percents. However, typical induction hobs in boost mode have higher power levels than electric kettles.

Anyway, I use a Demeyere kettle on induction to bring the water to the temperature I want for the tea I intend to use, and do the actual steeping and temporary tea storage in a Corningware 2-qt tea pot. It takes about 6m20s to heat about 2.2 quarts of water to 190 degrees F on my induction cooktop using this kettle.

This kettle is relatively inexpensive for Demeyere products and I suspect part of a commercial line used in bistros. It is/was available in the US as the 4.25 qt Bistrot model. Unfortunately, it doesn't whistle.


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Hello, I am interested in an Induction plate after spending 2 weeks researching electric kettles and coming up short when trying to find one that doesn't have plastic in it or on the lids. Do any of you know a decent one that has precise temps, I like to make green teas and other various teas that need certain temps.

I was looking to spend 70 or under and found this but I am afraid it might not be accurate enough: http://www.amazon.com/1800-Watt-Portable-Induction-Countertop-8100MC/dp/B0045QEPYM/ref=cm_rdp_product

Does anyone know a good one priced decently?

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The temperature controls available on some induction cooktops, whether the cooktops are expensive or cheaper than you want to deal with, measure the temperature of the metal being inductively heated, not the temperature of the water inside. To heat the water in your lifetime, the metal has to be hotter than the water it is heating.

A probe like thermometer from a scientific lab supply company (high end approach) or the nice little inexpensive metal thermometer that Upton Tea sells (low end, but adequate) will better measure the water temperature. Even this is a point measurement, as the water temperature is not uniform when heating a container from the bottom.

However, if your heating process is consistent, you will be able to learn what final mixed temperature you will end up with for a specific dynamic temperature measured during a heating operation. My Demeyere kettle used on a particular hob on my induction cooktop provides a spout level measurement during heating that is about 10 degrees lower than the average water temperature when the water temperature has equalized in the kettle. So if I wanted 190F I would shut off the hob when the thermometer read 180F. (I also know how long this takes, and can set a timer to alarm in time to check the temperature approaching the desired temperature and cut the hob power when it reaches that point.) The time (and to a lesser degree the temperature difference between dynamic and static) will change if the hob is more or less powerful than the one I've "calibrated" to by observation.


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This is a difficult issue, oddly. I thought the Demeyere Resto large kettle would be just the ticket, since my Staub, which I like a lot, is much too small for most of my needs. However, the Resto line is made in Indonesia and does not conform to the quality controls of the Belgian Demeyere lines. Reviews on Amazon appear to agree with my less than wonderful experience with a Resto roasting pan. Good luck.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Copco! Got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. 49 bucks. Did not say it whistles! BUT it WHISTLES!! You could hear it a mile away!! And I have induction! It inducts big time!!

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