A pitcher that actually doesn't leak??

chitownfifiMarch 27, 2006

I am growing extremely frustrated with the all of the leaky pitchers I have tried. One is worse than the next. Either the tops don't screew on appropriately or what but they spill everytime. I am looking for a plastic juice pitcher for iced tea/lemonade/etc. Every single one I have had is disappointing. Does anyone have any that they are happy with?

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I use glass pitchers....and store my juice in a tupperware ( or a Tupperware wannabe) in the refrig.....and serve out of the glass pitcher.
The Tupperware thing is really more of a bucket with a lid....but it pours and doesn't leak....but I wouldn't dream of putting in on the table.
Linda C

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When do your pitchers leak? Are you looking for something that can lay on its side when travelling and not leak? Or something you can shake without leaking? Or one that just doesn't dribble when you pour?

I wouldn't say any of my pitchers leak. But I wouldn't expect them to not leak if tipped over or if shaken.

DH might say that our glass pitcher dribbles when you pour because he tips it too far when he pours. It has a small spout and pours slowly. It's a glass square one from the Container Store, but its narrow neck makes it hard to clean.

But our basic plastic pitcher that doesn't get narrow at the top and has a lid that you just twist to close it, pour, or pour and strain, has never leaked.

I think that tupperware and rubbermaid type pitcher that have small holes for pouring from the top rather than from the side tend to develop leaks.

Here is a link that might be useful: kind of what my plastic pitcher looks like, not pretty, but it works

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I have the exact same problem. What I need is a pitcher that I can close and shake without the liquid leaking out the top as I'm shaking. I also need plastic because I make iced tea by brewing the tea right in the pitcher then adding ice. That kind of temperature shock will crack glass or ceramic. So I make the tea in plastic then pour it into a nice ceramic pitcher for serving.

I have some old Rubbermaid ones with a screw-on top and they are great but they're old and starting to leak. I wanted to just get some new ones but they don't make the screw on tops anymore.

The ones with the top that fits inside the pitcher always leak when you shake. If anyone knows of a great plastic pitcher with a screw on top I'd love to know!

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