Any experience with Whirlpool induction ranges?

gwichertNovember 26, 2013

I've recently purchased the new Whirlpool double oven induction range on sale ($1800 in Canada), but won't take delivery until the new kitchen is ready in a couple months. There are lots of mostly positive comments in these forums about the Electrolux and GE induction ranges that have been around a bit longer, and plenty of critique of the KitchenAid induction units (made by Whirlpool, I know) that make excessive noise.

So I'm wondering if anyone has actual experience with a Whirlpool branded induction range? It would likely have to be a single oven model since the double ovens are so new, but I'm guessing the induction component is the same in both, so experience with either is welcome. Is there any way of knowing whether they have similar components as the ill-fated KA ranges?

I'm especially concerned about the noise issue, as my DW won't tolerate any excess here (already bought the quietest dishwasher and range hood possible). From what I've read in these forums cooling fan noise tends to be minimal and vibration / buzzing / humming tends to be a function of the cookware as much as the stovetop.

The combination of induction and double oven is sufficiently compelling that I'm willing to take some risks with the new model, but I'm trying to do due diligence wherever possible. I've looked everywhere to find a showroom with ranges that are plugged in and can be tested but have found none so far.

Any other suggestions / advice? I know plenty of other folks are also wondering about this same range, so if/when I finally get it home I'll be sure to post any impressions / observations etc. Thanks to everyone for sharing your wisdom so freely in previous discussions and I look forward to whatever you may have to offer on this question.

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I don't have any first hand experience, but there have been several postings here about the virtually identical version that Whirlpool sells under its Maytag brand. Very similar to KA version as well but my recollection is that the KA had a slightly different burner layout with the big burners being diagonally placed rather than both in the back. IIRC, the biggest sore point on those ranges is the "Aqualift" semi-self- cleaning function. Some people don't like the WP/Maytag burner layout (with the two small burners up front), but I don't recall seeing anything negative about that aspect from anybody who actually bought one.

Or, maybe you are looking at Wirlpool's double-oven induction stove? Not sure I've seen anything about that one here other than mention of the fact that Whirlpool is shipping it to dealers and the oddity (IIRC) of having the front (small) burners in one zone and the larger (back burners) in a different zone.

I'm hoping my comments will bump this thread enough to generate some responses from GWers who have gone ahead and bought one of the WP made ranges. Sometimes, you don't get responses until folks see there is an ongoing conversation.

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Yes, I'm asking about the new double oven with the induction top.

The layout of the hobs seems reasonably well-conceived. The largest one (nested 7"/11") is back left, then there's another 7" front right, and 2 smaller ones (6") front left and back right. The zones for boost are front and back rather than side-to-side, so each zone contains a larger and a smaller hob. Controls are centred at the front. The only question is whether it would be better to have the larger hob at the front, but I'm not inclined to quibble about that detail.

I'm also not too concerned about the steam clean option. It's specifically described as being for "light oven cavity bottom cleaning." For the heavier cleaning there's still a regular high temperature cycle, called "Precise Clean" because the range will suggest a cleaning time (from 2-4 hrs; also manually adjustable) based on the length of time since the last cleaning. High-temp self-cleaning works in both ovens, but can only be used in one at a time.

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When I asked about it here some weeks past (on behalf of my kid sis) no one was yet using it. My sister went for it, and hers is being installed tomorrow, Wednesday at latest. I can have a prelim report to you as soon as she breaks it in, if no one else responds. If I forget, hit me up. The bloom is off the rose now in my new kitchen (Bosch induction, yeah!) and I'm not here too much. Honestly, though, I combed over that range for her, and there was a lot to like. In theory. In practice . . . I really hope they don't honk it up. We need more of these on the market.

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Can't wait for the report, thanks.

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Okay, the Whirlpool range has been in sis's kitchen a week now, and she has put it through its paces. Verdict = true love. No clicking or buzzing (other than the faintest hum on a couple of pieces of cookware,) fast heat, very good ovens, she says, and she has deliberately used both a lot. Her husband and kids have been baking up a storm.

Her only disappointment was with her 30-year old waterless cookware. It won't work, so she's buying new cookware piecemeal. The old cookware held a magnet, but I guess it wasn't magnetic enough or something. I thought she would return the range, but she says she loves the induction enough to give up the cookware.

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Just to update this, I was visiting sis last night for the first time since reno. The Whirlpool is a good looking, well performing range, and they love the ovens. She had turned out some masterpieces for dinner. That said, what she calls a faint hum is a little more than that, to my ear.

I bought her 2 pieces of Anolon copper as a kitchen-warming--the same set I bought to use on my Bosch 300 induction top--and the sound is more than a faint hum. I would call it a pulsating rattle or vibration. It is a good deal noisier than when I use the same pots on my Bosch. That said, it is still acceptable. You probably couldn't hear the sound in the adjacent dining room unless the house was dead silent. If Whirlpool was my only induction choice, I'd still take it over gas in a heartbeat. But I don't see why this noise can't be mitigated. Bosch does it. Why do some cooktops make a racket? It's annoying.

Anyhoo, I wanted to get this into the archives for anyone considering this new range.

Happy Holidays.

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Thanks so much MizLizzie, for your follow-up. I sure I'm not the only one who appreciated your review.

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+1 for MizLizzie.
Very helpful info!
Thank you.

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MizLizzie, is this the one your sister has?
Thanks for the reveiw!

Here is a link that might be useful: WGI925C0BS (US model)

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Yes, seashine, it is. It does perform well, but if that second oven wasn't an issue, I might look at the Elux.

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