WANTED: How does this section work?

pouncermomAugust 20, 2006

What do you do in this section? Exchange recipes or other thing?

Thanks for helping me out.


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Julie, we have regular organised swaps where we exchange foods and kitchen goodies. This section was created for that purpose, as the constant swap discussions were annoying the non-participants on the main forum. Just browse the discussion threads and you will see what whe have been up to and the rules for participating.

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You should be warned: swaps are habit-forming!! LOL
When I first joined, it was just after a swap and I couldn't figure out what everyone was talking about...but now I know, oh brother, do I ever.

Bubbe (aka Renée)

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Ok, why do some posts say WANTED (and they are actually about something received....) and other posts are just titled normally?

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WANTED comes up automatically in the heading of the posts when you click on the posting link. You can delete it when you preview your post, but we sometimes forget.

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??test?? Hey that worked! Thanks!

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Checking to see if it works for me.

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