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michie1March 1, 2005

Can anyone recommend a deep fryer they have BUT it must have all these requirements:

1) stainless steel exterior (previous one I had was white plastic & grease is very difficult to remove from plastic plus it stains)

2) removable oil well for easy draining & cleaning

3) 3-4 qts./ltrs.

4) I prfer an attached lid over one you have to remove to ck the contents, but this is something I'm willing to give in on.

I used to have a deep fryer that fried really well but was plastic & had no removal well which I hated & when the basket handle borke & the co was no longe rin busines I ordered a Cooks Essential fryer. I have used it 4x & each time the food is soaking in grease. This new fryer also has a lid that has to be removed to ck the contents of the fryer vs. my previous one had a hinged lid so I didn't have to worry about finding a place to put the lid everytime I need to add/remove the contents of the fryer. I had checked HSN re: their Ultrex but their reviews were terrible. If no one knows of a good fryer where would you recommend a place to ck for one that would carry a lg variety of small electrical appliances.


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I bought one at sams club. DELONGHI AMERICA INC

It has a Magnetic plug, removable heating element, lid with filter, removable bin, and it is all stainless. The heating element heats to 445 degrees F.

Here is a link that might be useful: deep fryer stainless

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