Salad Days from Susie-Que

granjanAugust 4, 2006

I got home late yesterday from a long day of errands to find a box on my porch! My swap box was finally here.

Because today was another long day that started early I wasn't able to post till now but did e-mail Susie, and Ann, in case Susie is one of those who doesn't get messages through iVillage.

The box had very cute cooking stickers on it and cute messages.

And inside it was filled with PINK styrofoam peanuts! And lovely items for the salad days of summer.

There are 2 lovely cruets for oil and vinegar. The flash washed out the color; they are are very pretty butter yellow only a little paler than my tile. And there is some Botticelli Olive oil and a red wine vinegar to fill them. And a very clever glass mixing bottle with a whisk incorporated into the lid! How clever. And perfect for me because I ALWAYS make our salad dressings. I have never understood bottled dressings. This is perfect, thank you.

Next we have a salad bowl and individual bowls plus salad tongs and a Better Homes and Gardens Salad cookbook. And 4 very cute Southwestern print napkins. I love Kokopeli!

She also included a nice spice blend from the nearby infamous town of Intercourse, PA! And a cute not tablet for the grocery lists I make and then forget to take to the market. LOL

Look at these adorable refrigerator magnets! In blue to match my kitchen.

And last we have a very special wind chime.

Susie made this herself and the chimes are all COOKIE CUTTERS! I collect cookies cutters and this is truly special.

And the most amazing thing is that the center piece is a pair of flip flops to that will always remind me of this swap and the flip flop package I sent to Maggie as well as of Susie who took the time to make this for me.

Here's everything all together including a copy of Cook's magazine I forgot to put in the other pictures.

Thank you so much Susie. We will be having wonderful salad thanks to you, and the wind chimes will be a favorite decoration in my walk-in pantry, where I have neeeded something special to hang in the middle of the room. (Too special to actually put outside!)

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Ah, Susie, so you did decide to go with the cookie cutters. That's really special, something to be kept and enjoyed.


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No boring salads for Janet....that's easy to see!

Good job Susie... the windchime is really unique...what a great idea. Don't think I've ever seen a dressing bottle with it's own wisk before...very handy!


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I love this swap package. That cookie-cutter windchime is really special! I'd like to see a bigger picture (I can't seem to open up the thumbnails.). The salad fixings, cruets, boawls, cookbooks are all winners! Pefect for you since you make your own!! Enjoy!!

Susie...very special! Good job!

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What a great Salad Days theme from Susie! Love the wind chimes with the flip flops, Susie, too cute!

Enjoy all these treats to make your salads even better, Janet!

A wonderful swap package all 'round!

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That is an adorable package, all of it, but I still think handmade things, like that cute wind chime, are especially wonderful!

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I love it! Some of you may know that salad is one of my most favorite foods so of course I like this package. Enjoy your box!

Good going Susie-Que!

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Susie, What a cute idea making the windchimes from cookie cutters. Oh, those salad bowls and makings are great seeing it is so hot; makes my mouth water just thinking about one! Janet, I am sure you will enjoy.

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The windchime is terrific! Isn't it fun to receive hand made items?

I would be looking forward to making my next salad..A friend offered me a very cooll bowl and servers and it's been so nice thinking ofe her every time I take it out..

Good job!

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I'm sitting here and actually think I can hear the sound off those chimes tinkling together.

The most special part of these swaps is the intelligent gathering of items truly worthy of the giver and the recipient. When a hand-made is included, it is all the more special.

Susie is so thoughtful and has a very good memory. I know, because following my foot surgery a couple of years ago, I received surprise box full of gifts to make me smile and to chase the blues away.

Janet, I am another fan of home-made dressing and adore salads. I know you'll enjoy your "Salad Days" items and everything else.


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Love the windchimes! I definitely am partial to the personally hand made items. The salad theme is brilliant. Great package.

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I was sitting on pins and needles wondering if I had packed the windchimes well enough to make a cross country trip! LOL!!
So glad everything made it safe and sound!

We adore salads too and I make my own dressing as well and so it was actually Frank who found the dressing bottle. He has a keen eye for finding useful things.

Happy salad days!


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I don't know Granjan. There is a flip flop in those windchimes - I think you should send them to me:D

Just wonderful and creative, Susie. Great theme and those magnets are adorable.

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Wonderful package! I haven't seen that salad dressing bottle before -- very clever. And the windchines are really fun -- very summer-y with the flip-flops!

Nice job, Susie-Que; enjoy your salad days, Jan!

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Oh the cookie cutters are wonderful. And cookie cutter windchime? How cute is that??

Very nice package, Susie.


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I love that salad dressing bottle. We have a lot of salads here too, so that makes me think even more this is a terrific package, but how cute are those wind chimes?!

I'm always so amazed at the talent on this forum, not just for cooking. Cheers, Susie, for putting together a very special package!

Janet, enjoy!

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Those wind chimes are so special. I love that they reference the package that Janet sent out in this swap. Pays not to be the first to mail out ;-) great job Susie.


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Great theme Susie! It's perfect for summer. The wind chimes are so cute.

Enjoy your package Janet.


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oh, now THERE'S a theme! I love it!Great job Susie.

The windchimes are such a cute idea - so creative!

Granjan, it's apparent how much you'll use all these wonderful things - have fun!


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Great theme, Susie, and what talent you have! That wind chime is adorable! Have never seen a dressing bottle like that before, I'll have to be on the lookout for one!
Granjan, you certainly got a great package, I especially like the ssalad bowls and those cute napkins!


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What a haul! And how creative and adorable is that wind chime! Man, I feel so...untalented ;)

Great swap box!

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Wow missed this one for a while.....the wind chimes made me smile, they are very cute.

Nice package Susie. Enjoy Granjan,

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