Processor Advice Needed

elisamcsMarch 4, 2007

My almost 30-year-old food processor (Sunbeam) bit the dust last night, so I'm in the market for a replacement. I use it primarily for mixing pizza dough and grating cheeses. I already have a mini-processor and a KA stand mixer so I can live without one for a while. Any recommendations?

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I love a Cuisinart...I have a DLC 10...7 cup model that easily makes dough using 4 cups of flour and crust for 2 pies. If I am shredding cabbage for slaw, I have to do it in 3 or more batches for a big cabbage...
But it sits on my counter and doesn't take up a ton of space....I wouldn't want a bigger one.
Linda C

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I have the Kitchenaid 11-cup FP. It's at least 16 years old (made in France) and still going strong.

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Either of those are good choices. I have had my Cuisanart for over 20 years and no problems. Just be sure you do get direct drive not a belt type unit.

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I have an 18 year-old (or so) DLC-X and a 24 year-old DLC-7, both doing well, except that the lid is sometimes difficult to get off of the work bowl on the smaller one. I don't know if the new ones are made as well or not. Can someone with experience with both address that?

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Thank you all for your responses. I went ahead and ordered the KitchenAid 750 model from Amazon. It was $149, no tax or shipping, AND it has a $20 rebate. I couldn't find anything better. I just hope it actually works!

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