Does anyone have one of these?

suncoastdaylilyMarch 24, 2009

It's a Kapoosh Universal Knife Block. This doesn't have slots but rods and you simply push your knife down into it. They have wood ones and very contemporary ones too. Here is a link for you to check them out although you would have to go to Target or Amazon to purchase. I am interested in getting one of these because of all the different brands of knives I own.


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Bought one for self at BedBath&Beyond some years ago. Liked it so bought six more for family and friends. Everyone likes them.

Only thing I don't like about it is that it is no good for new ceramic knives or any knife with an ultra-sharp edge. (Almost nobody has knives like this but, if you do, you should know this.) Ultra-sharp edges will bite into and cut the plastic media that makes the Kapoosh knife block work. Any knife other than what I'm calling "ultra-sharp" will not do this and the the Kapoosh works wonderfully with them -- even serrated and hook-blades.

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I have two, one on each side of the kitchen and really like them, it really works well with all the different shapes and lengths of knives I have. I got it so I wouldn't have to keep knives in the drawers any more. I take the knives out every so often and rinse and dry the inserts.

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I cannot figure out how it works? How many will one of the blocks hold? Can I just cram in as many as i can?...
Don't get it...

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The Kapoosh will hold . I have about a dozen knives, of many shapes and sizes in each one, and there's room for more. A few years ago I spent a lot time looking for a useful knife block that would hold a variety of knives, especially my chef's knives and hold more than the 6 or 7 I was limited to with my wooden blocks (and didn't already come with knives). These Kapoosh blocks work perfectly. I like to keep the working ends of my knives out of sight, and I like my knives to be handy, so I don't want to keep them in a drawer or stuck to a magnet on the backsplash.

When I remodeled my kitchen 5 years ago, I ended up with two good work areas, so I keep knives, silverware and cutting boards on both sides of the kitchen, now.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Fori is not pleased

I ordered one for my mom who abused her knives by shoving them all into a few holes. I had to open it and play with it before wrapping and sending it. It's great! I don't have counterspace for a block or I'd get one. I ordered from Lee Valley because at the time the Amazon one didn't have the model with 2 sections.

Linda, it's kind of like a really stiff dense brush--you just poke the knife between the bristles. So yeah you cram in as many as you can. Sure, there's a point where you'll have to stop, but it'll hold many more than a solid wood block of the same size.

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