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spacificJuly 6, 2011

Thank you! Thank you, Colleen!

From Jul 6, 2011 From Jul 6, 2011

The placemat sets are from Bali - each of the 6 bundles includes a placemat, coaster, napkin and chopsticks and there are an additional 4 sets without the chopsticks. (Colleen, our dining table seats six, so for regular entertaining, that's our usual number at the table...perfect!) And I've been promising to make sushi with DS this summer during vacation, so the chopsticks will definitely come in handy.

And the cheese and pate knives are beautiful... the turquoise Murano glass bead handles perfectly complement the placemats. And they really feel good in your hand. I, of course, had to try them already (we are a family of cheese-lovers).

I look forward to trying the recipes in this cookbook, written by a local Western Australian chef. But I particularly like the format. The photography is beautiful, the recipes are clearly laid out. I'm already having fun learning new cooking terms: cos=romaine; red capiscum=red (sweet) pepper.

The CF swaps are wonderful enough, but it was an added bonus to receive gifts from such from so far as Australia and Bali!

If I posted a picture of myself right now, you would see me grinning from ear to ear! Thank you once again, Colleen for your generosity and thoughtfulness.


PS I followed directions and opened the packages first and saved the lovely letter for last. I did take pictures to prove it, but they didn't come out at all.

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Oh, I love that blue color and everything is lovely. You can never go wrong with a cookbook either.

have fun with those chopsticks, I never have gotten the hang of them!


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Ooooooo....Ahhhhhh! Love all the blue! Nice choices, Colleen!

Be sure to post pics when you make some recipes from the nice cookbook, Ann.


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+1 swap box

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Wow, what a beautiful swap box. I love the colours.

Well done Colleen.


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Spectacular. I really do love it all. Love the blue color!

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When DS was little, our local sushi restaurant used to give us these chopstick holders that connected them together so he could use them. I'll see if I can find any of them for you.

I'll try to take pictures of the dishes I make, but I can guarantee they won't look as beautiful as the ones in the book LOL!

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What a beautiful gift! Love the colors.
I'm envisioning Sushi on the patio.


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Awesome, Colleen! Those knives are gorgeous, Blue murano glass mmmmm! I love the chopsticks, too. ...And the balinese place settings... how cool and special! What fun to add an Aussie cookbook to the collection, too! What a great swap box!!

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So glad you like your box, spacific! I'm also glad it got there so quickly :-)
I'm glad you like the colours, I rather like turquoise myself and it just all sort of fell into place :-)
The chopsticks are really pretty, they have a sort of lighter tiny spotty effect in the wood, now I know Customs will let them in, if I ever go back to Bali I must try to get some for myself :-)
If you're ever wondering what a food word is and can't find it, just yell, I'm culinarily bilingual :-)

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Wow - love it...great to get an area cookbook. I love the glass cheese serving pieces and the coordinating place mats. Great swap! -maria

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What a great box! I love the blues in the place mats.

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What a special box!! I love it all! Great job Colleen!

I know you are enjoying this box Ann! So nice to have a special CF box from so far away!

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Everything was beautiful, but I especially loved the placemat sets. Wow! Nice job Colleen. Lucky You Ann.

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Colleen, that was a great box! What a wonderful treat for spacific. Enjoy!

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What a beautiful and exotic collection! I like the way everything is coordinated together, and I'm sure you will enjoy using those gorgeous placemats, not to mention the cheese knife and spreader.


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