Lemon zesters, microplanes

marys1000March 2, 2008

I have tried zesting a lemon with the "nutmug" like side of a 4 sided cheese grater and its just not doing it very well.

So I googled lemon zesters and got hits for these things with 4 little sharp holes. Now that seems like it would make nice long decorative strips but not so much for baking, cooking.

I looked at microplanes in BBB once and was sort of overwhelmed by the fact that some had little rectangular holes and some looked more traditional, different sizes, shapes.

What do you all like best, for what purposes, how many do you think are necessary? (I think i would prefer a one or two fits all scenario)



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I just love my microplanes...and started out with the smallest holed one, (looks most like a rasp)...I zest nutmeg, lemons, oranges, parmesan cheeses. I've actually done a bit of cheddar too.
Next would be the one where the "holes" are wider and it will give a ribbon style, like for chocolate or parmesan curls.
After trying many styles of graters, I wholeheartedly recommend the Microplane and use them almost daily.

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How do they sell these - is there a number? Like a 2# for lemons and a #3 for cheese? How do I decided between them all?

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Marys1000, the magazine Cooks Illustrated has discussed the various Microplane rasp graters several times. The first Microplane they recommended was the #MIC02 which has a black plastic handle and rounded edges. Later they said they also recommend the Microplane #MIC01 which has no handle and squared edges. They said that they prefer the feel of the MIC02's handle, but the undersides of the MIC02's rounded edges can collect sticky items like garlic, requiring extra effort to dislodge. So they liked the MIC01's squared edges better. I guess it's up to the individual to choose which he/she prefers--the handle or the squared edges. Furthermore, they noted that grating hard spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon sticks dulls the sharpness of the tiny teeth on the blade. So for whole spices, Microplane makes a separate spice grater, #MIC03.

Then, last year they tested some other brands' rasp designs: "the Kuhn Rikon required massive strength to produce even a few wisps of grated Parmesan. The Zyliss had the opposite problem--it gripped so well that it dug into the pith of the lemon. The Cuisipro felt flimsy and lacked a handle, which made it difficult to use. The Microplane Grater/Zester breezed through all four tasks, producing piles of cheese, chocolate, zest and ginger with minimal effort."

Here is a link that might be useful: ALL the Microplanes at Cookswares.com

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Shannon - thanks! Now I just have to find a place that carries Microplane.

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Uh, what about the site I linked to?

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Also, BedBath&Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Linens-N-Things.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microplane Store Locator

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Sorry Shannon- I meant a store that I can walk into preferably. I do internet sometimes, but for stuff like this I'd rather just walk in. I got one a BBB just yesterday! Yay!

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