Cuisinart Multiclad, anyone?

msreviseMarch 18, 2006

Today's TGI circular advertises "new" Cuisinart multiclad (tri-ply) ss cookware at $300 for a 12-pc set. Comes w/2 saute pans w/lids, 2 sauce pans, and a bonus 3rd one, 2 stockpots, and a deep-sided (12") saute pan (not sure i've got the terminology right). Anyway, just wondered if anyone's seen this yet or tried it out, since it seems like a good buy, if one needs many of these pieces.

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At the bottom of the first page of this forum is a "search" type in Cuisinart and I am sure you will see some reviews.
I am sure there were favorable comments.

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eandhl, this is a totally brand new item, which is why i was wondering if anyone had taken a look at it or bought them yet. TGI is holding a cooking demo next weekend. The official name is "cuisinart multiclad pro" and they're alum core, brushed stainless exterior, stainless interior w/cool-grip handles.

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where the reviewer had contacted Cuisinart, who indicated that the only difference between the 'new' multiclad pro and the 'old' multiclad was that they changed the handles. Also, the old multiclad was made in Korea; I think the multiclad pro might be made in China. I'm not near the cookware right now (it's in storage awaiting a new home) so I can't check.

Watch for further sales; when the new 12 piece set came out, I got it for around $200 from Amazon. Must have been a mistake; it's $299 now. :)

Amazon offers $25 off for purchases of $125 or more of a whole lot of Kitchen and Bath items, and I don't think Cuisinart is one of the excluded brands. Combine that with free shipping and it might save you a bit over your circular price.

It's really nice cookware, clad all the way up the sides, and you'll get almost all of the bang of all-clad (the multiclad isn't induction capable as is the all-clad stainless) for a significantly lower price.

They perform really well, and if the history of the old multiclad line is any gauge of future merchandising, they'll come out with a whole host of open stock pieces. I have several from the old line and I'm very happy with them.

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Thank you, melic! I didn't realize the only diff. was the handles... I'm glad to hear you like yours. Sounds like it's just what i'm looking for.

I will (shamefacedly) search those old threads, eandhl!

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