Induction Chef's Pan?

royinvaMarch 27, 2011

We recently went to an induction cooktop and am very happy with the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro cookware we bought. One major problem though....

For years my favorite pan for nearly everything has been a 5 1/2 Qt. Cuisinart Chef's Pan. They are sometimes called "Everyday Pans" and All-Clad sells something similar (but smaller) called a "saucier". Cuisinart does not seem to make this pan in a model that will work with induction. It is wider at the top than the bottom and is tall than a traditional saute pan. What I love about it is how deep it is, so a regular saute pan does not measure up. Anyone know of a pan similar to this that will work with my cooktop?

Thanks much!

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I'm just installing a new induction cooktop in my kitchen this week! I can't wait... although I'm a bit nervous as I hope the learning curve isn't too large and I don't burn too many meals! :)

I also just bought a bunch of Cuisinart Multiclad Pro individual pieces from TJ Maxx today. I found a 5.5 quart "casserole with cover", which seems to be similar to what you are describing. If you look online, could this be the one you desire? TJ Maxx might be the place to search!

That being said, you mention you've been happy with the Multiclad Pro. I've been online most of the day today searching for comments on this line. I'll continue to hunt for All Clad, but it seems these two lines are very similar. Any experience with AC versus the Multiclad Pro?

I also bought a Palm 13" skillet w/cover as I have a 13" burner. I checked to make sure my magnet stuck, but haven't heard a word about The Palm's quality. It's 3 ply on the bottom only, I believe. Is that sufficient? Has anyone tried this brand for induction cooking?

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beachlily z9a

I've had induction for over a year. My chef's pan is from Emerilware and it works just fine. Really like using it.

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No experience with induction, but you might want to take a look at Williams Sonoma for an AC pan that's not in the general catalog. They call it a saute/simmer pan -- 4 quarts. The shape is similar to a sauteuse, with high, curved sides and a diameter at the top that's larger than the one on the bottom. OTOH, it offers a wider bottom than the chef's pan. Great pan -- seems to be on perpetual sale at 149 bucks, which is not cheap, but IMO worth it for a great and versatile piece with a lid.

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Circulon Infinite line has a chef's pan. The Ciruclon Infinite line is all supposed to be induction ready. The also have a 10.5 buffet pan that sounds similar

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