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dnaleri2March 29, 2007

Where on the web could I find corningware? NOT French White but the old kind. And please no e-bay. I have had two bad experiences there. Does someone know of a site that sells it? Thank you in advance

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I don't know of an online source but they have factory outlet stores I have one near me, perhaps there is one near you?

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I think WalMart carries it.

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dnaleri2 .. are you talking about the old style cookware called Blue Cornflower which can be used on top of the stove? if so, the stuff manufactured and sold today IS NOT THE SAME... it cannot be used on top of the stove. Corning dropped the line a few years back. What you see in stores comes from a company in Virginia ... World something. French White and the other styles-- is called bakeware (not cookware) and goes "from oven to table"... that's what you see at Wal-Mart.
... the following may be more than you want to know, but I found it interesting:
"Back in the sixties and seventies, who would have ever thought those simple white and blue flowered saucepans and casseroles would one day be a hot collectible? Well, perhaps they are not hot yet, but they are sought after and selling for more than one might expect. Prices should only go up. Luckily there are enough common pieces to satisfy the casual collector and for those incurable collectors among us -- As with many innovations, Corning Ware was a lab mistake. First a furnace malfunctioned -- instead of staying at 600C it rose to 900c, but surprisingly the glass didn't melt. Next mistake was when the chemist then dropped the white glass and it didn't break! These mistakes led to the creation of Pyroceram and eventually the first piece of Corning Ware in 1957. Eventually a total of seven generations of Corning Ware were produced and although the Blue Cornflower is synonymous with Corning Ware, many more patterns were produced."
Where can you find the old stuff? Yard sales, thrift shops, replacements.com (mostly dinnerware) ... and -- sorry --ebay.
it was only a few years ago that I donated my pieces to a thrift shop ... too bad -- I could have put it on ebay and you could have bought it. Good luck!!!

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Thank you! I knew they quit making it but I thought surely you could buy it somewhere on the web. I will go to replacements.com and check it out. Thank you so much.

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