Crate & Barrel plastic dishware

msazadiMarch 23, 2005

I just bought some of these at the C&B outlet in VA, and once home saw that the plates say Top Rack only for the dishwasher, and no microwave.

Now I suspect my dh would eventually use them in the micro, but we certainly can't adjust our current dishwasher to put full size plates in the top.

I plan to return the whole lot but has anyone used any of C&B's plastic ware? with what results? Plates were dirt cheap ($1.50 and 95cents) but...

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Don't have any experience with these but I'm with you. Dishes must be MW safe or they don't belong in my house. And although I do have a few special serving pieces which I don't put in the DW, everyday dinnerplates have to go in there.

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I have melamine plates (not plastic) from Crate & Barrel. They too say top-rack DW only and no microwave. However, I've often put them in the bottom rack of the DW and I use them in the microwave all the time. They've held up perfectly, although who knows, maybe microwaving them allows chemicals to get into the food? Not sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: C&B Melamine Plates

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Usually when they say "top rack only" they mean "it'll melt or soften when the heating coil goes on to dry the dishes."

Since I never use that feature (not even sure my new DW has it), but always use "no-heat dry," I can put ANYTHING on the bottom rack.

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Well, I guess you all are talking me into keeping them. While I'd LOVE to go back to the outlet soon cause they have sooooo many desirable good deals, I really don't NEED to.

(For anyone in the greater DC area, they have chartreuse and cobalt dishes and glasses that are gorgeous, but just not my house or garden colors)

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Anything melamine heats up super hot in the microwave. Beware!

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