Seasoning wok on smoothtop - need help now!

livvysmomMarch 10, 2005

I just bought the Joyce Chen 14" carbon steel flat bottom (supposidly) wok. I am following the directions to season it but I am a nervous wreck.

First of all, the bottom of the wok measures about 6-6 1/2". I have one burner that is 5 1/2" and one that is 7". Which burner should I be using? The 5 1/2" burner is one that gets screaming hot compared to the other (boils quickly, practically no simmer). When I use either burner, I notice the burner cycling on and off -- is this normal?

Next the instructions say to tilt the wok to heat up the sides. How am I supposed to do this on my smoothtop?? Won't smearing the screaming hot oil around with the paper towel take care of this? The pan was smoking (not excessively) but enough to have to turn on the exhaust fan).

Lastly, I just completing one "cycle" of seasoning and pan is cooling. It looks about the same except the bottom is kind of yellowy brown (like burned oil).

This pan is making me a nervous wreck. I so want to be able to use it to stir-fry. Like I said above, I do have one burner that runs very hot and a wonderful Zephyr vent hood -- so I am hoping I am going to be to do this.

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Season it in the oven. I'm sure if you google you can find instructions for doing so.

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You may have a handle on that wok that won't go in the oven. Seasoning is typically done on low heat (I like 200 degrees in my oven for an hour) but can be done on top of the stove. It sounds like your heat's too high. I'd just keep rubbing the oil around, and let it heat as long as 45 minutes.

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