Beka Marc Pierre pot w/ copper bottom

bookertMarch 22, 2008


Anyone have any experience with these? I just picked up a 5 qt.lidded pot and would love some insight as to whether it's a good pick or not?

Bought it at TJMaXX. Would like more, but they only had this one.

Thanks for your help!

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I believe it has 5mm thick aluminum disc bottom, which makes it a good pick already.

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I saw a stock pot tonight that was copper on the outside and stainless on the inside. Is copper a good choice too?

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I think the copper is 2mm~2.5mm thick, which meets the minimum requirement for a quality copper cookware piece. I didn't pick it up because it's too small for me. Besides, with this price I can buy a much larger enamel on cast iron pot nowadays...
If you have the money, then go get it, it's a good piece, and price is much lower than on

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