Confused about New Bosch Dishwashers Made in the USA

nerdyshopperNovember 9, 2013

I have read of new models that were brought out this year with more capacity than the original 800 plus models that are made in Germany, but when I went to their site I could not find them. Only the German 800 plus models that have been around for a year or more. I tried to check dealers but when I did a search for one that I thought existed (SHE68E15UC) I was told that it was an older model that was replaced by the top of the line German models. Does anyone here know which models are the new three rack models made in the USA?

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Look in link.

I think the 16 place setting models(cheaper) are made in the USA with slightly higher dBA rating.

The 15 place setting models with a 39 dBA rating are the German made models.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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38 or 39 dBA top of the line models are imported from Germany still use the shallower tub. Besides the very slight extra quietness, the only extra feature I'm aware of that the US-built, deep-tub 40 dBA "800+" models don't have is pegs on the bottom rack that allow every second peg to be folded down, not just all at once. Nice feature, but not worth the extra $400 to me.

The low-end Ascentia DWs with the plastic tub bottom also still have the shallow tubs. Everything else uses the new deeper (front to back) tub and racks.

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