Kitchenaid Gourmet Essentials vs Kirkland hard annodized- quality

idahogardnerMarch 1, 2005

Hi. I want to buy one of these but I'm not sure which.

Both sets I'm looking at are very comparable as far as pieces I need. I want nonstick surface.

The Kitchenaid set is $50 more, but I'm in love with the red color and would prefer that over the metal look.

Here is the kitchenaid description:

The cookware features a heavy gauge aluminum core which evenly distributes heat to prevent burning. A hard-base porcelain nonstick interior offers durability and scratch resistance. The vibrant red porcelain enamel exterior is easy to clean. Cool-grip handles complete the design and are made of stainless steel encases in silicone rubber.

Here is the kirkland:

This hard anodized cookware is manufactured using an electrochemical process creating a durable surface that is scratch resistant, nonporous, non-reactive and two times harder than stainless steel. The advanced multiple reinforced non-stick technology from DuPont® offers a superior non-stick surface with outstanding releasability and ease of cleaning. The combination of the exceptional heat conductivity of heavy gauge aluminum, with an ultra-smooth exterior and advanced non-stick interior from DuPont®, makes this cookware durable, beautiful and easy to maintain.

Which set is better do you think?

My MAIN question is which in known to hold up better over time? I want these to last me for years and years.

Which would you buy? I have decide fast before sales end!

Thanks so much, I've been doing research and reading posts here but can't find the answer to which is better.

Thanks so much for your help!!!

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It has been my experience that there is not a non-stick that will last for years and years. I like non-stick for certain pieces such as an omlett, saute, crepe, and reg frying pans but much prefer NOT to have non-stick for sauce pans and stock pots.

Besides...who knows what super-duper new surface may be out next year.

I have a large collection of Calphalon with various finishes..


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If you want an entire set that is non-stick, I would go with the Kirkland (am I corret in thinking it's from Costco?). I understand the desire to satisfy your aesthetic longings, and the KitchenAid sounds lovely. But when it comes to cookware, go for the one that will satisfy your culinary endeavors above all. Whether you're a novice cook or a more experienced one, IMHO the results from the anodized aluminum will surpass the ones from the cookware constructed of enamel encased aluminum. BTW...have you considered "mixing" your cookware for best results? A mixture of triple-ply stainless steel, along with anodized aluminum with non-stick interiors will give you the best of both worlds. A good source for on the spot cookware comparison is They will give you photos, descriptions and benefits of each type and brand of cookware (of course it's only the brands they carry, but they have a good variety). You can look at all they have to offer side-by-side, so you get a real feel for what would best suit you. Look at the construction vs. the brand name for a clear idea. I just purchased a set of triple ply stainless (from Sam's...Member's Mark is their own brand but it's made by Tramontina), and supplemented it with additional pieces of anodized aluminum with non-stick interiors. Take your time in deciding...there are always sales to be had.

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I have the KA set you are speaking of -- in the red color. I have had it for two years. The pots look as good as the day I got them. I had to trash the 8" skillet though; I fried tortillas in it and could not get the oil residue off of it.

My guess is that the skillets in this set will last about 5 years with proper care. The non-stick part of my 10" skillet has kind of a fuzzy look to it -- it is still non-stick but I don't expect it will last forever.

What I do love about these pots and pans, aside from the great color is: the handles (very sturdy and do not get hot), the heavy weight of the pans (has the feel of high quality and heats very evenly) and lastly the stainless steel lids (hate glass lids).

I have had very expensive hard anodized cookware in the past -- eventually, that too stopped being non-stick.

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Thank you so much everyone for your input!! I'm glad to know Livvysmom that you like your set so much. It's very helpful to get info from you as you've had your set for 2 years now.

Thank you for the reference, it was very helpful.

It's good to know even the hard anodized stuff dosn't last forever.

Will Stainless Steel REALLY last much longer than any nonstick type?

Does Stainless Steel REALLY cook better than nonstick does? I cook a lot of mexican and italian dishes, and do a lot of browning... but have only used my very cheap 12 year old scratched nonstick pans.

I liked that the kitchenaid has a "Limited lifetime guarantee"- I was going to call their help number and find out exactly what that means before ordering if I get those.

I had also considered the pampered chef professional set becuase of the warranty... but I don't like the price and the set dons't have as much as the kitchenaid or costco/kirkland sets.

Thanks so much for all of your help. I had no idea buying pots and pans was so complex!!!

Can someone explain the differnce between anodized aluminum and enamel encased aluminium as far as cooking results go. If it really does cook better than I'll go with the anondized and keep my ss pots I think.... I want the best possible results for the price (even if that means no red).

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Anodized aluminum conducts heat better and at a faster rate. The process of hard anodizing makes it harder and more durable. Since the hard anodization "layers" the aluminum, it resists scratching, is non-porous so it won't absorb flavors or odors.
Stainless steel will stand up to wear and tear better than other materials, as long as it doesn't have a non-stick interior. Any non-stick interior has to be handled with care. If you brown and/or saute alot, either stainless steel or anodized WITHOUT non-stick interiors will do a superb job...actually the fond that is created by the sauteing/browning will be superior in anodized. The downside of hard anodized without non-stick interiors (ie. Calphalon One or the old Calphalon Commercial) is that it is cost prohibitive. The pieces are very expensive, so you may want to invest in one large frying/saute pan that is constructed from anodized without the non-stick. Hope this helps.

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That explanation helps alot. I'm going to be doing some more research before making this decision... had no idea it was so complicated to get good cookware!


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