HELP me pick out a convection oven !!

SusanlaveNovember 10, 2012

I am DESPERATELY trying to find an electric convection single wall oven that has good reviews from owners. I have searched several brands (KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE) and people are saying the same things about them. The electronics "fry" after using the self cleaning feature. (The KitchenAid has the additional feature of the oven door glass shattering into a million pieces!!) There seems to be a real problem with the ovens getting too hot for the electronics to handle and the companies are not admitting to a problem even after tons of common complaints. I do not want to deal with a company that treats their customers badly. I was leaning toward the Whirlpool WOS92ECOAE, which has a "steam clean" option that uses less heat for a self clean option, but after reading complaints from many others that use the "high" heat self clean option and having trouble afterward with their electronics, I am scared of that brand. They are also saying the Whirlpool treats customers with complaints badly. I have a remodel that is starting soon and I am getting nowhere on picking out an oven. The cabinet maker wants model numbers soon. HELP!!!!

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I can't offer much help other than to say even if you buy an oven with a self clean feature, you don't have to use that mode. After reading numerous posts on other sides about the door lock mechanism sometimes fails in the locked position, and the posts here about other problems, I don't use the self clean mode on my stove.

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I understand the anxiety of buying a new appliance. I had a very bad experience with the first set of appliances I bought(not E-lux) but they ended up buying them back after after months of misery and poor customer service. I learned a few things.
I would consider who you buy from. Read online reviews and check with BBB. Find out who will service the appliance. We bought a range from Sears a few years ago and the range had a large piece of enamel flake off the top. It also had a burner not work. I called them to fix it and they fixed the burner but refused to fix the enamel. I had the warranty that was supposed to fix anything for a year but the tech told me Sears buys the appliance without the warranty and it is up to them if they want to honor the manufacturers warranty. Some companies have a two week return policy but check the conditions. I bought from a small regional chain for this reason. Buy with a credit card and you will have some recourse at least in the first couple of months. Open the box immediately and make sure there are no obvious defects. Only accept an appliance in the box, no exceptions. Get an oven thermometer and put your oven through its paces immediately when you receive it. Use the self clean several times during the warranty period. Buy the extended warranty from a reputable company for as long a time as you can for any appliance with electronics. Get all the terms in writing and a written receipt with all terms immediately when you give them your money. I have cleaned my Electrolux several times and it has been fine. Initially when I bought it, the enamel was flaking. Electrolux replaced the whole oven-no quibble. Any appliance can have problems but it is how they treat their customers that makes loyal customers.

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