Need two non-stick pans for cooking eggs etc... what type??

bookertMarch 22, 2008


Have a set of Kirkland non-stick pans and the only one's that have failed are the skillets! The rest are great and have glass lids, so I don't want to return them!!

Need to replace the skillets and wonder if anyone can tell me what they use for eggs etc? Not a gourmet cook (wish!), but I do get mad when skillets require oil or butter to cook eggs!

Are there any skillets that are a healthy non-stick? Or is that an oxymoron? Cast iron is too heavy for me.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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We have been very happy with our Scanpan skillet (9.25"?). It's the only non-stick pan we have/use (besides my electric skillet) and we pretty much just use it for eggs or the occasional thing that requires NS. DH, who is the scrambled egg eater in the houselhold loves it (and cookware's really not his thing!).

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cat mom,
Where do I get a scanpan? Are they costly? Different sizes?
Thanks much,
Have a blessed Easter!

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I've read about them on these forums, so my guess is they are available all over.

Since I really just wanted a NS pan to replace an old 8" Dansk NS pan (with a somewhat degrading teflon coating) I was primarily interested in getting another 8". If I recall, the 8" was $69.99 (?) but the store had a "Try Me" special price of $39.99 (?) for the 9.25" pan, so I went with that (I did call DH from the store to check with him since he'd end up using the pan more than I would--if he'd preferred the smaller size for whatever reason, I'd have gotten it irregardless of the savings). The size we got is a good one, pretty versatile. We don't use NS all that often but it's nice to have one we can count on.

Supposedly it's one of the few (only?) NS pans you can use for searing, and it cleans up extremely easily. In fact, DH will usually wipe it out after using it, and then place it back on the stove before washing it out. I always have to ask him if it's clean or not if I walk into the kitchen and see it sitting there!

FWIW, I purchased ours at a store in NJ called Chef Central, but you can Google Scanpan and find a bunch of online and brick and mortar retailers, too.

Good luck to you and thank you for the good wishes. To you as well!

Here is a link that might be useful: Scanpan Titanium NS

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I love, love, love my Scanpans!

I bought them on amazon.

First I bought the 9 1/2" inch one to try, liked it so much I got a bigger size too.
Love them!

Here is a link that might be useful: scanpan on amazon

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Thanks for the replies and link!

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