Basic cookware question

tech0010March 6, 2007

My kitchen involvement is normally limited to "install the stove here and the dishwasher here", but my wife wants me to buy her cookware as a gift.

She asked for Caphalon Tri Ply stainless 13 piece set, so that's very specific and easy to buy. She also asked for a couple of nonstick frying pans.

Do the caphalon contemporary non stick omelet pans qualify for this? I found two for $50 that seem to be a good deal.

We have a smooth glass cook-top.

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I sure wouldn't buy a whole set of any cookware...certain pots in certain lines are not the best for everything. But some people get their kicks from having everything look the same on the shelf.
I like Meyer professionalweight for an omelette pan....or go to a cook supply store and see what they have. Be sure what you get is aluminum because it conducts heat more evenly.
If you really want to surprise her....get her a beautiful cast iron enameled Dutch Oven in a color to compliment the new kitchen. They also make nifty but expensive omelette pans as well!
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: My favorite things!

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I have the 8-piece set of Calphalon Tri=Ply and have used every piece, I have even purchased other pieces and used all of them. I also have a old nonstick fry pan and several LeCreuset french oven and one of their omelet pans that is nonstick. I use all of it.

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