Advice on Stainless Copper botttoms skillets

CricketmMarch 5, 2006

I need some maintenance advice about two "Chefmate Stainless Copper Bottom 12" and 19" frying pans. I have a whole set of Circulon Pots and a few every day Farber pots. But I bought these two frying pans because I like cooking in Stainless steel and I love the copper bottoms which I hang on my pot rack. BUT, for some reason the food sticks to these two pans. I am about to throw them away. I boiled white vingar in them -- it still stuck -- then I use olive oil and salt and put them in a 200 degree oven to season them. Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks for your input..Par3/Marie

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I was not aware that stainless steel (SS) can be seasoned (with oil and salt or anything for that matter). SS is relatively slippery and non-reactive unlike cast iron which clearly does "season."

I have All Clad SS and nothing really sticks to it when I follow their instructions.

My AC instructions advise to let the pans heat up before adding oil, then let the oil heat a bit before adding food. I swirl the oil around to ensure an even coating. I rarely use my AC on high heat (except boiling water) -- I use cast iron if high heat is needed.

I use my non-stick for eggs but everything else is in the SS and I am really surprised on how easily food releases and how easy it is to clean. I came from Circulon which I liked and feared I would dislike the added work during clean up but I have been pleasantly surprised. It is not as easy to clean as non-stick but not really an issue either.

As is often mentioned in this forum, you need to use Bar Keeper's Friend to get discoloration and stains off the SS.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your input... I sprayed the pan with "Pam" this morning and made my hubby a fried egg with a little olive oil and butter and it did not stick. Plus I used a lower temperature like someone recommended. I think I solved the problem. I have a whole set of Circulon Professional pots that I love and they never stick plus they have stainless steel handles so I could put them in the oven. I just love the look of these Chefmate Stainless Steel Copper bottoms on my pot rack, but they must be useful for me to keep them. Otherwise they will get their walking papers. I just bought a Farberware Mellinnium Soft Touch Stainless Steel 12" non-stick pan --so I think I am settled for awhile. Yes, I have the Bar Keepers Helper. Thanks again so very much -- I really appreciate your comments.

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