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paulwheatonMarch 30, 2007

A friend of a friend sent me a recipe for quickie pizza dough for teenagers. Make some yeast dough that sits in a ziplock bag in the fridge for a week or so. Rip off a chunk now and then to make a pizza. It worked GREAT!

I was having such great luck, I thought I would tear off a big chunk and toss it into a bread pan and make a loaf of bread. It turned out pretty good. Kinda bland.

I was thinking that this might be a good source for sandwich bread for my son's lunches (to take to school). But the crust seems a bit tough and the bread seems a bit crumbly.

So here is the big question. How might I tinker with the recipe a bit to have a softer crust and a .... less crumbly center?


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Go to the cooking forum, there's plenty of bread making chat going on in there and provide the recipe you're using currently so the folks can give you some tips.

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