Another Ultrex Victim

zoidetteMarch 21, 2008

I too am a victim of ultrex cookware. I never used metal utensils as they said you could, but I still had the coating come off. I hate to think what that stuff does to us when it's eaten in the food we cook. Not only did I have trouble with the cookware, I had their slow cooker. I was making a pot roast and the lid shattered and glass flew everywhere. I had it in my face, neck, arms and in my hair. Lost my dinner and an expensive slow cooker. I did what HSN told me to do. I sent it to Innova to be replace, along with my cookware, and they denied receiving it. I had proof that it was delivered to them, but they still kept denying it. Then went the grill! At least that was within the 30 day time limit from HSN, so I sent it in and they exchanged it. I used it ONCE before the top side stop heating. I was going to return it to HSN, but it was no longer available, so back to Innova I went. That was about 5 years ago and I never was compensated by anyone. STUPID ME!!!!!!!! I decided to stay with HSN and I bought Wolfgang Puck 28-piece cookware set. What a nightmare with that!! I was boiling water last Oct 07 when I noticed something very wrong. I picked up the pan to discover that the bottom had separated from the pan. I had liquid aluminum spilling over the top of my stove. All I could do was stand and watch as it destroyed my stove. It seeped under the drip pan and ruined the wiring for my stove top. Now, here I sit scared to death to use my cookware and my stove. I notified W.P.Productions and HSN and here it is 6 months later and still nothing is being done. Ya, lifetime warranty on that cookware too! I don't understand how these large companies can keep getting away with ripping people off all the time. This is a very serious defect and they're doing NOTHING to advise people of this problem.

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