Non non-stick belgian waffle maker?

trantMarch 9, 2009

Anyone know of any good waffle making implementations, which are non non-stick ? I want to stay away from those controversial chemicals...

Ideally, a convenient to use automated machine but if they don't make any of them without non-stick surface then maybe I'll go for a cast iron one if can find one for belgian waffle types... know of any?

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Look for a "vintage" one...mine is non-non stick...more than 20 years old, well seasoned and works very well.
But I'm not selling it!!
Linda C

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Can you tell me what brand/model it is so I can try and look for one on ebay or something?

And how happy are you with it's operation?


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It's a GE...easily 25 years wonderfully. It has a head adjustment from low to high, I leave it on Medium. It has a red light that indicates it's heating, when the light goes out, the iron is hot enough, pour in the batter, slowly close the lid, the light comes on and when it goes out again your waffle is done. I would check out the thrift shops.
I have another old well seasoned waffle iron that makes skinnier waffles that must date to has lost the knob that opens it....I need to get rid of it, even though it still makes wonderful waffles.
Linda C

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